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부품번호 RHU003N03FRA
기능 Nch 30V 300mA Small Signal MOSFET
제조업체 ROHM
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RHU003N03FRA 데이터시트 및 RHU003N03FRA PDF


RHU003N03FRA pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
lMeasurement circuits
This product might cause chip aging and breakdown under the large electrified environment.
Please consider to design ESD protection circuit.
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20160915 - Rev.001


RHU003N03FRA 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Precautions Regarding Application Examples and External Circuits
1. If change is made to the constant of an external circuit, please allow a sufficient margin considering variations of the
characteristics of the Products and external components, including transient characteristics, as well as static
2. You agree that application notes, reference designs, and associated data and information contained in this document
are presented only as guidance for Products use. Therefore, in case you use such information, you are solely
responsible for it and you must exercise your own independent verification and judgment in the use of such information
contained in this document. ROHM shall not be in any way responsible or liable for any damages, expenses or losses
incurred by you or third parties arising from the use of such information.
Precaution for Electrostatic
This Product is electrostatic sensitive product, which may be damaged due to electrostatic discharge. Please take proper
caution in your manufacturing process and storage so that voltage exceeding the Products maximum rating will not be
applied to Products. Please take special care under dry condition (e.g. Grounding of human body / equipment / solder iron,
isolation from charged objects, setting of Ionizer, friction prevention and temperature / humidity control).
Precaution for Storage / Transportation
1. Product performance and soldered connections may deteriorate if the Products are stored in the places where:
[a] the Products are exposed to sea winds or corrosive gases, including Cl2, H2S, NH3, SO2, and NO2
[b] the temperature or humidity exceeds those recommended by ROHM
[c] the Products are exposed to direct sunshine or condensation
[d] the Products are exposed to high Electrostatic
2. Even under ROHM recommended storage condition, solderability of products out of recommended storage time period
may be degraded. It is strongly recommended to confirm solderability before using Products of which storage time is
exceeding the recommended storage time period.
3. Store / transport cartons in the correct direction, which is indicated on a carton with a symbol. Otherwise bent leads
may occur due to excessive stress applied when dropping of a carton.
4. Use Products within the specified time after opening a humidity barrier bag. Baking is required before using Products of
which storage time is exceeding the recommended storage time period.
Precaution for Product Label
A two-dimensional barcode printed on ROHM Products label is for ROHMs internal use only.
Precaution for Disposition
When disposing Products please dispose them properly using an authorized industry waste company.
Precaution for Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade act
Since concerned goods might be fallen under listed items of export control prescribed by Foreign exchange and Foreign
trade act, please consult with ROHM in case of export.
Precaution Regarding Intellectual Property Rights
1. All information and data including but not limited to application example contained in this document is for reference
only. ROHM does not warrant that foregoing information or data will not infringe any intellectual property rights or any
other rights of any third party regarding such information or data.
2. ROHM shall not have any obligations where the claims, actions or demands arising from the combination of the
Products with other articles such as components, circuits, systems or external equipment (including software).
3. No license, expressly or implied, is granted hereby under any intellectual property rights or other rights of ROHM or any
third parties with respect to the Products or the information contained in this document. Provided, however, that ROHM
will not assert its intellectual property rights or other rights against you or your customers to the extent necessary to
manufacture or sell products containing the Products, subject to the terms and conditions herein.
Other Precaution
1. This document may not be reprinted or reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of ROHM.
2. The Products may not be disassembled, converted, modified, reproduced or otherwise changed without prior written
consent of ROHM.
3. In no event shall you use in any way whatsoever the Products and the related technical information contained in the
Products or this document for any military purposes, including but not limited to, the development of mass-destruction
4. The proper names of companies or products described in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of
ROHM, its affiliated companies or third parties.
© 2015 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.


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부품번호상세설명 및 기능제조사

The functions of this components is a Nch 30V 300mA Small Signal MOSFET.


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부품번호상세설명 및 기능제조사

MOSFET의 기능은 N Channel MOS Field effect transistor입니다. This planar stripe MOSFET has better characteristics, such as fast switching time, low on resistance, low gate charge and excellent avalanche characteristics. It is mainly suitable for DC/DC Converters and switching mode power supplies.( Vdss=250V, Id=13A )


컨버터의 기능은 340KHz Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter 입니다. The FR9884 is a synchronous step-down DC/DC converter that provides wide 4.5V to 18V input voltage range and 3A continuous load current capability.

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