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기능 Photo Gate Sensor
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DT137 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Photo Gate Sensor
The Photo Gate Sensor is a general-purpose photo gate that measures the time it
takes for an object to pass between its arms.
The Photo Gate sensor is used for a wide variety of experiments in physics and
physical science classes and is supplied with a mounting rod.
Typical Experiments
Measuring the free fall acceleration
Studying the swing of a pendulum
Measuring the speed of a rolling object
Measuring the speed of objects undergoing collisions
How it Works
The Photo Gate sensor has a narrow, infrared beam and fast response time, which
provides very accurate signals for timing. When the infrared beam between the
source and detector is blocked, the output of the photo gate is high (high voltage, 5
V, on the graph) and the light-emitting diode (LED) on the photo gate lights up. When
the beam is not blocked; the output is low (low voltage, 0 V, on the graph) and the
LED is off.
When working with the Fourier data logger and MultiLab software, it is recognized as
a 0-5 V sensor.

DT137 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
3. Press the Forward arrow a second time to stop the watch.
4. Press the Backward arrow to reset the watch.
5. Press Escape to exit the Stopwatch mode and return to the Timing menu.
6. Press Escape a second time to return to the main menu.
Time and Speed
In this mode MultiLogPRO measures time and speed at either one gate or between
_ _ _ _ _TIMING _ _ _ _ _
Mode: Time Speed
Measure: In1
Card width: 30mm
Gates distance: _ _ _
Start ( > )
1. Press Enter to select this mode. The arrow then moves to the Measure row.
2. Use the Forward and Backward arrow buttons to select In1 if you want
to measure time and speed at one gate or In1 In2 if you want to measure time
and speed between two gates.
Time and speed at one gate
MultiLogPRO measures the time
between blocking and unblocking the
photogate at Input 1.
Time and speed between gates
MultiLogPRO measures the time
between blocking the photo gate at Input
1 and blocking the photogate at Input 2.


DT137 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Working with the Timing Wizard from the Logger Menu
1. Connect MultiLogPRO to the PC.
2. Connect one photo gate to Input 1 of MultiLogPRO or two photo gates to Inputs
1 and 2 (according to the event method).
3. Click Logger on the main menu, and then click Timer Module Wizard:
4. Select the desired measurement: Time, Velocity or Acceleration.
5. Click Next to move to step 2 of the wizard:
6. Select the desired measuring method.
If required enter the body’s width in mm (an integer between 0 to 59), or the
distance between the gates in cm (an integer between 0 to 99) in the
appropriate text box (in velocity and acceleration measurements only)
7. Click Start to enter to timing standby mode.
Timing begins each time a body blocks the photo gate at Input 1 and ends when
unblocking the photo gate at Input 1 or Input 2 (according to the event method).
MultiLab displays the results in a bar graph and in the table.


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