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부품번호 EL320.240-FA3
기능 Multi-Color QVGA EL Display
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EL320.240-FA3 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Multi-Color QVGA EL Display

EL320.240-FA3 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
EL320.240-FA3 Multi-Color QVGA Display
The EL320.240-FA3 thin film electroluminescent (EL) multi-color display is a
high-performance alternative to QVGA (320 x 240) LCDs and is the ideal
solution in demanding applications where superior visual performance,
extreme temperature range, and environmental ruggedness are critical.
The EL320.240-FA3 utilizes Planar’s proprietary Integral Contrast Enhancement
technology combined with red and green filters patterned over Planar’s
industry-leading yellow phosphor to achieve unparalleled image quality in
hues of red, green and yellow. Three intensity levels in each of the red and
green sub-pixels generate sixteen distinct colors (nine chromatically different
colors, black, and two mid-levels of red, green, and yellow.)
The display consists of a solid state EL glass panel, depicted below, with
a124mm diagonal active area, and control electronics assembled into a
space-saving, rugged package for easy mounting.
Features and Benefits
• Excellent visual performance:
Unparalleled crisp, clear image
Excellent contrast
Unbeatable viewing angle of 160 for all colors in all directions
No off-axis color or contrast shift
• Extremely wide operation temperature range: -50 to 85C
• Instant turn on at -50C: no heaters needed, no warm up time
• Long life phosphor: allows >11 years of continuous operation
• Wide dimming range via digital control and analog voltage input
• Rugged solid state construction
• Great reliability: MTBF > 50,000 hours demonstrated
• Low cost of ownership: no maintenance, no lamps to replace
• AMLCD-type panel interface, 3V and 5V logic compatible
• RoHS compliance
EL320.240-FA3 Operations Manual
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EL320.240-FA3 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Another option is to electrically “OR” the 3 red MSBs together and route the
result to R1, OR the 3 red LSBs together and route to R0, and do the same for
G1 and G0. Additionally the bits of blue could be OR’d together with either
the red or green bits depending on the characteristics of the images that need
to be displayed.
If upgrading from a monochrome EL320.240 display model and using the SGD
timing mode, some engineering will be required to map the monochrome
SGD data into the color data required by the EL320.240-FA3. SGD data is one
bit per pixel, and 4 pixels of data are latched per video clock edge. The
EL320.240-FA3 is 4 bits per pixel with one pixel of data latched per clock edge.
Display Overlay Considerations
Though not a requirement, often the end system will employ some type of
transparent cover over the front the display. The purpose and construction of
the cover varies depending on the application and economical constraints.
The cover may be used to improve contrast under certain lighting conditions
by reducing reflections, to provide additional impact protection, to provide a
more seamless enclosure appearance, or to protect against fluids. See
Application Note AN117-01 at for details. Some leading suppliers
of various display overlays are: EyeSaver International, Cyro Industries, and
Dontech Incorporated.
EL320.240-FA3 Operations Manual
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