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부품번호 EL320.240.36
기능 Quarter-VGA Small Graphics Display
제조업체 Planar Systems
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EL320.240.36 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
EL320.240.36 ICEBrite™
Quarter-VGA Small Graphics Display

EL320.240.36 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
EL320.240.36 Quarter-VGA Display
The EL320.240.36 thin film electroluminescent (EL) display is a high-
performance alternative to industry-standard quarter-VGA LCDs. The
EL320.240.36 utilizes Planar’s proprietary Integral Contrast and
Brightness Enhancement (ICEBrite ) technology to achieve
unparalleled image quality without the use of expensive filters. This
small graphics display excels in a wide range of ambient lighting
environments while effectively eliminating the blooming common to
other high-bright displays.
The display consists of an EL glass panel and control electronics
assembled into a space-saving, rugged package for easy mounting.
The EL320.240.36 is easily interfaced using standard 4-bit LCD control
signals. Each of the 76,800 pixels is individually addressable to clearly
display high information content graphics and text.
Features and Benefits
• Excellent visual performance:
High brightness and contrast
Wide viewing angle 160
• Rapid display response 1 ms
• Space efficient mechanical package
• Low EMI emissions
• Extremely rugged and durable
• Reliable, long operating life
• 4-bit LCD-type interface
2 EL320.240.36 Quarter-VGA Operations Manual (020-0342-00A)


EL320.240.36 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Performance characteristics are guaranteed when measured at 25°C with rated
input voltage unless otherwise specified.
Control Basics
The EL panel is a matrix structure with column and row electrodes arranged in
an X-Y formation. Light is emitted when an AC voltage of sufficient amplitude
is applied at a row-column intersection. The display operation is based on the
symmetric, line-at-a-time data addressing scheme.
The supply voltages are shown in Table 1. All internal high voltages are
generated from the display supply voltage (VH). The logic supply voltage (VL)
should be present whenever video input signals or VH is applied. The
minimum and maximum specifications in this manual should be met, without
exception, to ensure the long-term reliability of the display. Planar does not
recommend operation of the display outside these specifications.
Table 1. DC Input Voltage Requirements.
Parameter 1
Symbol Min Typ Max
Logic supply voltage
Logic supply current at +5 V
Display supply voltage
Supply current at +12 V
Power consumption 5 V/12 V
VL 4.75 V 5 V 5.25 V
IL 0.1 A
VH 10 V 12 V 15 V
IH 0.5 A 1.0 A
7.0 W 12.0 W
15 V
1 Operating conditions: ambient temperature 25 C, 120 Hz frame rate.
CAUTION: Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which
damage to the device may occur.
Table 2. Video Input Requirements.
Absolute Input Voltage
Video logic high voltage
Video logic low voltage
Video logic input current
Input capacitance
Min Max
-0.3 5.5
VL= 5.0 V
70% 100% VL
0 20% VL
10 µA
– 15 pF
All input thresholds are CMOS
There is no overcurrent protection on either the VH or VL inputs to protect
against catastrophic faults. Planar recommends the use of a series fuse on the
12 volt supply(VH). A general guideline is to rate the fuse at 1.8 to 2 times the
display maximum current rating.
EL320.240.36 Quarter-VGA Operations Manual (020-0342-00A) 5


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