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부품번호 EL7212C
기능 High Speed Dual Channel Power MOSFET Drivers
제조업체 Elantec Semiconductor
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EL7212C 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
EL7202C 7212C 7222C
High Speed Dual Channel Power MOSFET Drivers
 Industry standard driver
 Improved response times
 Matched rise and fall times
 Reduced clock skew
 Low output impedance
 Low input capacitance
 High noise immunity
 Improved clocking rate
 Low supply current
 Wide operating voltage range
 Clock line drivers
 CCD Drivers
 Ultra-sound transducer drivers
 Power MOSFET drivers
 Switch mode power supplies
 Class D switching amplifiers
 Ultrasonic and RF generators
 Pulsed circuits
Ordering Information
Part No Temp Range Pkg Outline
EL7202CN b40 C to a85 C 8-Pin P-DIP MDP0031
EL7202CS b40 C to a85 C 8-Pin SO MDP0027
EL7212CN b40 C to a85 C 8-Pin P-DIP MDP0031
EL7212CS b40 C to a85 C 8-Pin SO MDP0027
EL7222CN b40 C to a85 C 8-Pin P-DIP MDP0031
EL7222CS b40 C to a85 C 8-Pin SO MDP0027
General Description
The EL7202C EL7212C EL7222C ICs are matched dual-driv-
ers ICs that improve the operation of the industry standard
DS0026 clock drivers The Elantec Versions are very high speed
drivers capable of delivering peak currents of 2 0 amps into
highly capacitive loads The high speed performance is achieved
by means of a proprietary ‘‘Turbo-Driver’’ circuit that speeds
up input stages by tapping the wider voltage swing at the out-
put Improved speed and drive capability are enhanced by
matched rise and fall delay times These matched delays main-
tain the integrity of input-to-output pulse-widths to reduce tim-
ing errors and clock skew problems This improved performance
is accompanied by a 10 fold reduction in supply currents over
bipolar drivers yet without the delay time problems commonly
associated with CMOS devices Dynamic switching losses are
minimized with non-overlapped drive techniques
Connection Diagrams
7202 – 1
Inverting Drivers
7202 – 2
Complementary Drivers
Non-Inverting Drivers
7202 – 3
Manufactured under U S Patent Nos 5 334 883 5 341 047
Note All information contained in this data sheet has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate as of the date of publication however this data sheet cannot be a ‘‘controlled document’’ Current revisions if any to these
specifications are maintained at the factory and are available upon your request We recommend checking the revision level before finalization of your design documentation
1994 Elantec Inc

EL7212C pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
EL7202C EL7212C EL7222C
High Speed Dual Channel Power MOSFET Drivers
Typical Performance Curve
Max Power Derating Curves
Switch Threshold vs
Supply Voltage
Input Current vs Voltage
7202 – 6
Peak Drive vs Supply Voltage
7202 – 7
Quiescent Supply Current
7202 – 8
7202 – 9
‘‘ON’’ Resistance vs Supply Voltage
7202 – 10
7202 – 11


EL7212C 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
EL7202C EL7212C EL7222C
High Speed Dual Channel Power MOSFET Drivers
EL7212 Macro Model
EL7212 model
l gnd
l l Vsupply
l l l Vout
subckt M7212 2 3 6 7
V1 12 3 1 6
R1 13 15 1k
R2 14 15 5k
R5 11 12 100
C1 15 3 43 3 pF
D1 14 13 dmod
X1 13 11 2 3 comp1
X2 16 12 15 3 comp1
sp 6 7 16 3 spmod
sn 7 3 16 3 snmod
g1 11 0 13 0 938m
model dmod d
model spmod vswitch ron43 roff42meg von41 voff41 5
model snmod vswitch ron44 roff42meg von43 voff42
ends M7212
subckt comp1 out inp inm vss
e1 out vss table (v(inp) 1v(inm)) 5000 4 (0 0) (3 2 3 2)
Rout out vss 10meg
Rinp inp vss 10meg
Rinm inm vss 10meg
ends comp1
7202 – 20


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