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기능 High voltage/ high current Darlington transistor array
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BA12003BF 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Standard ICs
BA12001B / BA12003B / BA12003BF / BA12004B
High voltage, high current Darlington
transistor array
BA12001B / BA12003B / BA12003BF / BA12004B
The BA12001B, BA12003B, BA12003BF, and BA12004B are high voltage, high current, high sustain voltage transistor
arrays consisting of seven circuits of Darlington transistors.
Because it incorporates built-in surge-absorbing diodes and base current-control resistors needed when using inductive
loads such as relay coils, attachments can be kept to a minimum.
With an output sustain voltage as high as 60V and an output current (sink current) of 500mA, this product is ideal for use
with various drivers and as an interface with other elements.
Drivers for LEDs, lamps, relays and solenoids
Interface with other elements
1) High output current. (IOUT=500mA Max.)
2) High output sustain voltage. (VOUT=50V Max.)
3) Seven Darlington transistors built in.
4) Built-in surge-absorbing clamp diode.
(Note : Refer to the “Reference items when using in application.” )
zBlock diagram
IN1 1
IN2 2
IN3 3
IN4 4
IN5 5
IN6 6
IN7 7
16 OUT1
15 OUT2
14 OUT3
13 OUT4
12 OUT5
11 OUT6
10 OUT7

BA12003BF pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
Standard ICs
zApplication example
BA12001B / BA12003B / BA12003BF / BA12004B
(1) Relay driver
(2) LED driver
zApplication notes
The BA12001B is a transistor array which can be directly coupled to a general logic circuit such as PMOS, CMOS, or
A current limiting resistor needs to be connected in series with the input.
The BA12003B / BF can be coupled directly to TTL or CMOS output (when operating at 5V). In order to limit the input
current to a stable value, resistors are connected in series to each of the inputs.
The BA12004B is designed for direct coupling to CMOS or PMOS output using a 6 to 15V power supply voltage. In order
to limit the input current to a stable value, resistors are connected in series to each of the inputs.
The load for each of these products should be connected between the driver output and the power supply. To protect the
IC from excessive swing voltage, the COM pin (Pin 9) should be connected to the power supply.
Fig.6 shows the configuration of the on-chip diode for surge absorption.
In the construction of the surge-absorbing diode,there is an N-P junction between the N-layer (N-well + BL) and the
substrate (P-sub) so that when the diode is on, current flows from the output pin to the substrate. In terms of the vertical
construction, this diode is configured similar to a PNP transistor. When using the surge-absorbing diode, take appropriate
measures regarding the thermal characteristics of the design considering the current that will be handled.
Also, if motor back-rush current or other conditions that will result continued surge current to flow to the surge-absorbing
diode can be foreseen, we strongly recommend connecting a Schottky barrier diode (or other type of diode with a low
foward voltage) in parallel with the surge-absorbing diode to construct a bypass route for the surge current.
In-flow current to the surge-absorbing diode
N+ P+ N+
Fig.6 Vertical construction of the surge-absorbing diode


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High voltage/ high current Darlington transistor array


High voltage/ high current Darlington transistor array

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