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부품번호 BA3118L
기능 General-purpose dual line amplifier
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BA3118L 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Audio ICs
General-purpose dual line amplifier
The BA3118L is a dual-channel line amplifier with a flat frequency characteristic. It has been designed for use in radio
cassette players and car stereos.
The feedback resistors are all on the chip, which reduces the number of external components required and simplifies
PCB design. The gain can be set to one of 10 gain settings from 6dB to 20dB (6dB, 8dB, 10dB, 10.9dB, 12.4dB, 13.4dB,
15.1dB, 16dB, 17.9dB and 20dB), and external fine trimming is possible.
Car stereos and radio cassette players
1) 10 gain settings over the range 6dB to 20dB (max.
step 2dB) without external resistors.
2) Low distortion.
3) Good crosstalk characteristics.
4) Low noise.
5) Flat frequency characteristic.
FAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25_C)
6) Two channels on one chip allows compact set de-
7) Pin 9 is not connected which simplifies the PBC GND
8) Built-in feedback resistors reduces the number of ex-
ternal components required.
9) Low gain variance between the two channels.
FRecommended operating conditions (Ta = 25_C)

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Audio ICs
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General-purpose dual line amplifier

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