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기능 Trickle-charge IC for two-cell/ lithium-ion batteries
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BA3170 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Regulator ICs
Trickle-charge IC for two-cell,
lithium-ion batteries
The BA3170 is a trickle-charge IC developed for two-cell, lithium-ion batteries.The IC includes a charge control circuit,
a charge output transistor, and an LED driver for showing the charging status.
Lithium-ion (two cell) battery chargers, and charging circuits
1) Output voltage can be varied using an external resis-
2) The output pin is PNP output with low saturation volt-
3) Built-in output current limiting circuit protects batter-
ies from excessive current, and prevents destruction
of the IC due to output shorts.
The initial charge current is set to a low value (the cur-
rent limit pin voltage can be used to vary the current
limit value).
4) Pulse charging at over 99% of the final voltage.
5) Built-in over-discharge battery return circuit.
6) Built-in charge fault protection circuit.
7) Built-in over-voltage battery operation circuit.
8) Built-in LED output for charge display (two outputs).
9) 12-pin power package provides large power dissipa-
tion in a compact package.
10) Temperature protection circuit prevents thermal de-
struction of the IC.
FAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25_C)
FRecommended operating conditions (Ta = 25_C)

BA3170 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
Regulator ICs
FOperation notes
(1) Do not use values other than CT = 0.022µF for the timing capacitor, and C1 = 10µF for the output capacitor.
(2) For the output capacitor C1, use a tantalum capacitor with low capacitance variation with temperature, and a static
capacitance tolerance of ±10% or less.
(3) For the timing capacitor CT, use a film capacitor with low capacitance variation with temperature, a static capaci-
tance tolerance of ±10% or less, and a temperature variation rate of ±2% or less.
FMeasurement circuit


BA3170 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Regulator ICs
(4) Over-voltage protection circuit
When the voltage between VCC (pin 6) and GND (pin 12)
exceeds about 27V (at normal temperature), the over-
voltage protection circuit switches all outputs off.
Make sure to use the IC within this voltage limit.
(5) Capacitors to prevent oscillation of the outputs
Be certain to connect capacitors between OUT (pin 5)
and ground, and CP (pin 2) and ground to prevent oscilla-
tion. We recommend tantalum capacitors that have low
capacitance variation with temperature (particularly for
the OUT pin).
(6) Thermal shutdown circuit
A thermal shutdown circuit is provided on the IC to pre-
vent it from being destroyed by high temperatures. When
this circuit operates, all outputs go off, and when the tem-
perature drops to a certain level, operation resumes.
(7) Output circuit construction
The outputs use PNP power transistors. When the VCC
(pin 6) voltage drops, even if the external capacitor on the
output side causes the output-side voltage to exceed the
VCC-side voltage, the IC will not be destroyed.
(8) Grounding
With regard to the ground connections shown in the ap-
plication example circuit, make the PCB connections
from each earth to the GND pin (pin 12) reasonably short,
and design your pattern layout to avoid electrical interfer-
ence between the pattern lines.
(9) ASO
This IC includes a variety of protection circuits, but de-
pending on the operation conditions, it may be possible
to exceed the ASO.
Exceeding the ASO will result in destruction of the IC, so
take due care to ensure that the ASO conditions are nev-
er exceeded.
(10) Great care has been paid to the quality of this com-
ponent. However, due to the nature of lithium-ion batter-
ies, if there is a risk of danger due to failure of this compo-
nent (e.g. fire or explosion), be certain to take appropriate
measures in your design (fuses etc.).
FElectrical characteristics curves


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