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부품번호 BA3313L
기능 Dual preamplifier with ALC detector circuit
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BA3313L 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Audio ICs
Dual preamplifier with ALC detector
The BA3313L is a dual preamplifier IC with built-in ALC detector circuit, designed for use in stereo radio cassette record-
ers. It comes in a compact 12-pin ZIP package, and has two record / playback preamplifiers, and an ALC detector circuit.
The preamplifiers can be directly coupled to the tape head without coupling capacitors to prevent tape head magnetiza-
tion and “pop” noise generation.
With the built-in ALC detector circuit, an ALC circuit with large dynamic range can be constructed with addition of just
an external time constant circuit.
Stereo radio cassette recorders
1) Input bias circuit does not require coupling capaci-
2) Built-in ALC circuit with external time constant circuit.
3) Wide operating power supply voltage range.
4) High gain.
5) Low noise.
FBlock diagram

BA3313L pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
Audio ICs
FApplication example
FOperation notes (the resistor marked with an asterisk)
Changing the input resistor Rg, and the ALC time
constant influences the ALC transient characteristics. In
particular, if Rg is less than 3.9kor the time constant ca-
pacitor is less than 47µF, the ALC may operate exces-
sively. Do not use smaller values than those recom-
mended for these components.


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Dual preamplifier with ALC detector circuit

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