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부품번호 EL4083CS
기능 Current Mode Four Quadrant Multiplier
제조업체 Elantec Semiconductor
로고 Elantec Semiconductor 로고 

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EL4083CS 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Current Mode Four Quadrant Multiplier
 Novel current mode design
Virtual ground current summing
Differential ground referenced
current outputs
 High speed (both inputs)
200 MHz bandwidth
12 ns 1% settling time
 Low distortion
THDk 0 03% 1 MHz
THDk 0 1% 10 MHz
 Low noise (RL e 50X)
100 dB dynamic range
10 Hz to 20 kHz
73 dB dynamic range
10 Hz to 10 MHz
 Wide supply conditions
g5 to g15V operation
Programmable bias current
 0 2 dB gain tolerance to 25 MHz
 Four quadrant multiplication
 Gain control
 Controlled signal summing and
 HDTV video fading and
 Mixing modulating
demodulating (phase detection)
 Frequency doubling
 Square rooting
 RMS and power measurement
 Vector addition-RMS summing
 CRT focus and geometry
 Polynomial function generation
 AGC circuits
General Description
The 4083C makes use of an Elantec fully complimentary oxide
isolated bipolar process to produce a patent pending current in
current out four quadrant multiplier Input and output signal
summing and direct interface to other current mode devices can
be accomplished by simple connection to reduce component
count and preserve bandwidth The selection of an appropriate
series resistor value allows an input to accept a voltage signal of
any size and optimize dynamic range The differential outputs
offer significant performance improvements which greatly ex-
tend the usable gain control range at high frequencies The bias
current is programmable to accommodate the voltage and pow-
er dissipation constraints of the package and available systems
The devices can implement all the classic four quadrant multi-
plier applications and are uniquely well suited to gain control
and signal summing of broadband signals
Connection Diagram
8-Pin SO P DIP
Top View
4083 – 1
Ordering Information
Part No Temp Range Package Outline
EL4083CN b40 C to a85 C 8-Pin P-DIP MDP0031
EL4083CS b40 C to a85 C 8-Pin SO MDP0027
Manufactured under U S Patent No 5 389 840
Note All information contained in this data sheet has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate as of the date of publication however this data sheet cannot be a ‘‘controlled document’’ Current revisions if any to these
specifications are maintained at the factory and are available upon your request We recommend checking the revision level before finalization of your design documentation
1993 Elantec Inc

EL4083CS pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
Current Mode Four Quadrant Multiplier
EL4083 Block Diagram
Figure 1
4083 – 3


EL4083CS 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Current Mode Four Quadrant Multiplier
Figure 8 Output Noise Density vs IZ Bias
4083 – 12
Input Offset Trim(s)
Output Offset Trim
RTI e (VS c 1 6 mA) (16 mA c IZ)
4083 – 13
RTO e (VS c 1 6 mA) (30 mA c IZ)
Figure 9 Optional External Trim Networks
4083 – 14
Figure 10 VZIN vs IZ (Typical)
4083 – 15
4083 – 16
Figure 11 IZIN Bandwidth vs IZ


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Current Mode Four Quadrant Multiplier

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Current Mode Four Quadrant Multiplier

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