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부품번호 EL6259C
기능 Low Noise 4-Channel Laser Diode Driver + Oscillator
제조업체 Elantec Semiconductor
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EL6259C 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
EL6259C - Product Brief
Low Noise 4-Channel Laser Diode Driver + Oscillator
Low output noise = 4.0nA/rt-Hz
High-performance laser diode
Pin compatible with EL6257
Voltage-controlled output current
source to 150 mA per channel,
requiring one external set resistor
per channel
Current-controlled output current
source to 150 mA per channel
Rise time = 1.0 ns
Fall time = 1.1 ns
On chip oscillator with frequency
and amplitude control by use of
external resistors to ground
Oscillator to 500 MHz
Oscillator to 100 mA pk/pk
Single +5V supply (±10%)
Disable feature for power-up
protection and power savings
TTL/CMOS control signals
DVD-RAM high speed drives
CD-RW applications
Writable optical drives
Laser diode current switching
Ordering Information
Part No
Temp. Range
0°C to +70°C
Outline #
Complete Product Specifications
Elantec Technical Support:
North America: 1-888-352-6832 X 311
Asia: +85-45-682-5820
Europe: +44-18-977-6020
©2000 Elantec Semiconductor, Inc.
General Description
The EL6259C is a low noise four channel laser diode current amplifier
that provides controlled current to a grounded laser diode. The four
amplifiers can provide up to 150 mA per channel of DC or pulsed cur-
rent. Channels 2, 3, and 4 must be used as the write channels, with
switching speeds of approximately one nanosecond rise/fall time. All
four channels are summed together at the IOUT output, allowing the
user to create multilevel waveforms in order to optimize laser diode
performance. The level of the output current is set by an analog volt-
age applied to an external resistor which converts the voltage into a
current at the IIN pin. The current seen at this pin is then amplified by
100X to become a current source at pin IOUT.
An on-chip 500 MHz oscillator is provided to allow current modula-
tion when in the read mode. This is turned on when the EOSC pin is
held high (floating not recommended). Complete control of amplitude
and frequency is set by two external resistors connected to ground at
pins RFREQ and RAMP (see graphs in this data sheet for further
Output current pulses are enabled when an Lsignal is applied to the
OE pin. No output current flows when OE is H, and additional laser
diode protection is provided since the OE input will float high when
open. Complete IOUT shut-off is also achieved by holding the CE pin
low, which will override the OE control pins.
The external resistors allow the user to accurately and independently
set each amplifier transconductance by applying a voltage to each
resistor, without restriction on the voltage range, thus ensuring broad
voltage DAC compatibility. Alternatively, the IIN pin can be biased
from a current DAC or other current source.
Connection Diagram
IIN2 4
IIN3 6
IIN4 7
OE2 9
OE3 10
OE4 11
GND 12
24 GND
23 VCC
22 VCC
19 GND
17 CE
15 VCC
14 VCC
13 GND

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Low Noise 4-Channel Laser Diode Driver + Oscillator

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Low Noise 4-Channel Laser Diode Driver + Oscillator

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