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기능 TRi-STATE ProgrammaBle Encoder/Decoder
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UM375-108BM 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
UM3758 Series
I’ri-Siate Programmahle Encoder/Decoder
m Single-Chip CMOS construction
m Single-Chip encoder/decoder selected by jump wire
m Wide operating voltage range : VDO = 3 to 12 Volts
. Built-in RC oscillator (tan use 5 % resistor)
n E a s y interface with RF, Infrared(lR) and Ultrasonic
transmission media
n Tri-state(0, 1, open) address codes, some of address
codes used as data Codes or as internal addresses
by mask Option
m Internal address code is lSbii, ie 3 ‘5 387,428, 489
different ccdes at most
m Decoder has 8-bit latch data
m Series 1C for various applications
n UM3758120A pin outcompatibleto UM3750
General Description
The UM3758 series are Single-Chip programmable encoder
/decoder ICs fabricated i n C M O S s t r u c t u r e f o r l o w
power consun$ion: They are enhanced for new Stage
encoder/decoder ICs to provide many more combinations
for higher security.
Most fzmbinations are achieved by UM3758-18OA, provid-
ing 3 = 387,420,489 combinations. Some ICs of this
series provide 4 to 8 data bits for controlling.
According to the following information, The inter-
n a l a d d r e s s b i i s , 1 8 bis/24pin and 12 biis/lEpin
package, tan be assigned by customer in advance
for much higher securii and confidentialii. Whenever
t h e a d d r e s s Codes of transmitter t r a n s m i t s , t h e
receiver will check the address codes with his own and
the successive two matched address codes will generate
a low pulse. If there were any data bits, the receiver
will latch these data bis at the corresponding pins
for controlling.
Pin Configurations
., - ._.

UM375-108BM pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
U M 3 7 5 8 Wies
Pin Descriptions (Continued)
Pin Number
UM3758 UM3758 UM3758
-18OA -12OA -120AM
12 9 9
10 NC
11 NC
14 -
15 10
16 11
17 12
19 13
20 14
21 15
22 16 18 RXINP
23 17 19 TX/RX OUT
24 18 20
Address select line 12 is tri-state indicated as 0, 1
and open
No connection
Address select line 13 is tri-state indicated as 0, 1
and open
Address select line 14 is tri-state indicated as 0, 1
and open
Address select line 15 is tri-state indicated as 0, 1
and open
Address select line 16 is tri-state indicated as 0, 1
and open
Address select line 17 is tri-state indicated as 0, 1
and open
Address select line 16 is tri-state indicated as 0, 1
and open
R.C. input pin for Single pin oscillator. A resistor is
connected from this pin to VDO and a capacitor to Vss
The ground pin for UM3756
This pin is used to select transmit or receive mode
MODE - VDO : Encoder mode
MODE - Vss : Decoder mode
Receiver input pin. Receives waveform from the detect
In encoder mode, this pin will transmit waveform; in
decoder mode, this pin will switch to LOW if comparison
is OK
The positive power supply of UM3756
.-. 4


UM375-108BM 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
sc =--
em- m-w
U M 3 7 5 8 Sedes
Functional Description
The operating mode of the UM3756 series is controlled
by the MODE pin. When the ‘MODE’ pin is connected to
VDO the circuit will automatically switch to encoder
mode, then ‘TX/RX OUT’ pin acts as data out pin and
‘RX INP” pin act as an idle pin. When ‘MODE’ pin is
connected to Vss the circuit will switch to decoder
mode, then ‘TX/RX OUT” pin will switch to LOW if
comparison is OK, otherwise this pin will keep HIGH,
and “RX/INP’ receives waveform from detect circuit.
Encoder Mode
The encoder mode is selected by connecting “MODE
pin to Voo.
The transmit sequence is initiated by the power con-
nection and continuously transmits till power down.
Esch transmitted address bit is encoded into address
pulses (see Fig. 1). A logic zero is encoded as two
c o n s e c u t i v e l o n g pulses, a logic one as two con-
secutive short pulses and an open as a long pulse
followed by a short pulse. Esch transmitted data bit
is encoded into logic Zero or one and the data pulse
is the Same as the address pulse (see Fig. l), ie.,
the state of data pin is either one or Zero. The data
is one when connected to VDO or open and Zero when
connected to Vss.
The UM3756160A samples the 18 bit tri-state address
a n d encodes this parallel address data for trans-
mitting. These 16 address pins may ,Se in either of
three states (0, 1, open) allowing 3 = 367,420,469
possible combinations then $e UM3758120A provides
12-bit address and allows 3 = 531,441 possible com-
The UM37561 06A/B and UM375&064A/B provide address
bi and data bits, as described in Table 1.
UM37561 06A/
Decoder Mode
Table 1
The decoder mode is selected by connecting “MODE” pin
(ex. UM375&106A/B) are assumed to be address bi.
to vss.
If the address bits match the address bits from
The decoder receives the serial data from the detect
detect circuit, the next eight data bits are stored
circuit and outputs the comparison result or data, if
and matched to the last valid data stored. When the
it is valid. The received data may inolude two types
second word with data is received, the address bis
- without data and with data.
must match again, and if it does, the data bits are
checked against the previous stored data biis. If
For decoder without data ICs, such as UM375616OA and
the two words (eight bits data each) of data match,
UM3756120A the address word is examined bit by bit as
the data is transferred to the output data pins (Dl,
received; if two successive address words match the
D2 to DE!). If the decoder is momentary type, the data
address bis of Decoder, the “TX/RX OUT” pin will
pins will latch the data till the ‘TX/RX O U T ’ p i n
switch to LOW and t-wo successive unmatched address
switches to HIGH; for latch decoder, the data pins
words will cause ‘TX/RX OUT” pin to return to HIGH
will latch the data till the next valid data appears
(see Fig. 3-l).
(see Fig. 3-2). Although the address bits .are tri-
state (0, 1, open), the data information must be
For decoder with data IC, such as UM375&106A/B and
either one or Zero. An open state will be decoded as
UM375&064A/B, the address word with data word are
a logic one. The above table (Table 1) also describes ,, ._ ___
examined bit by bi as received. The first 10 bits
these (decoder with data).
.,. .;\..:.: o.:... :’


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