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부품번호 EL1056AC 기능
기능 Monolithic High-Speed Pin Driver
제조업체 Elantec
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EL1056AC 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
EL1056AC EL1056C
Monolithic High-Speed Pin Driver
 Wide g12V output levels
 250 ps dispersion
 3 ns delay times
 1V ns slew rate adjustable
 Low overshoot and aberrations in
50X systems
 3-state output
 Power-down mode reduces
output leakage to nanoamperes
 Overcurrent sense flag available
to protect internal output devices
 Buffered analog inputs
 Differential logic inputs are
compatible with ECL TTL and
 Memory testers
 ASIC testers
 Functional board testers
 Analog digital incoming
component verifiers
 Logic emulators
Ordering Information
Part No Temp Range Package Outline
EL1056CM 0 C to a75 C
24-Lead MDP0027
Thermal SOL
EL1056ACM 0 C to a75 C
24-Lead MDP0027
Thermal SOL
General Description
The EL1056 is designed to drive high-quality test signals into
close or terminated loads It has a dispersion of 250 ps or less
whether due to signal size or direction of edge It can output a
very wide 24V output span encompassing all logic families as
well as analog levels The EL1056 is fabricated in Elantec’s ox-
ide isolated process which eliminates the possibility of latch-up
and provides a very durable circuit
The output can be turned off in two ways the OE pins allow
the output to be put in a high-impedance state which makes the
output look like a large resistance in parallel with 3 pF even for
back-driven signals with as much as 2 5V ms slew rate The E
pins put the output in an even higher impedance state guaran-
teed to 150 nA leakage in the EL1056A This allows accurate
measurements on the bus without disconnecting the EL1056
with a relay
The EL1056 incorporates an output current sense which can
warn the system controller that excessive output current is
flowing The trip point is set by two external resistors
Connection Diagram
24-Lead Thermal SOL Package
and Heat-spreader
Top View
1056 – 1
Note All information contained in this data sheet has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate as of the date of publication however this data sheet cannot be a ‘‘controlled document’’ Current revisions if any to these
specifications are maintained at the factory and are available upon your request We recommend checking the revision level before finalization of your design documentation
1993 Elantec Inc

EL1056AC pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
EL1056AC EL1056C
Monolithic High-Speed Pin Driver
Block Diagram
1056 – 5


EL1056AC 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
EL1056AC EL1056C
Monolithic High-Speed Pin Driver
Typical Performance Curves Contd
Tristate Turn-off Waveforms
Tristate Turn-on Waveforms
Power-Down Disable Waveforms
1056 – 18
Power-Down Enable Waveforms
1056 – 19
Supply Current vs ISR
1056 – 20
Total Supply Current vs
Supply Voltage
1056 – 21
1056 – 22
1056 – 23


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Monolithic High-Speed Pin Driver


Monolithic High-Speed Pin Driver

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