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기능 Differential DSL Line Driver
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EL1508CL 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
EL1508C - Product Brief
Differential DSL Line Driver
• 450mA output drive capability
• 43.6VP-P differential output drive
into 100
• 2nd/3rd harmonics of -85dBc/
• MTPR of -70dB
• Operates down to 3mA per
amplifier supply current
• Power control features
• Pin-compatible with EL1503C
• ADSL line driver
• HDSL line driver
• Video distribution amplifier
• Video twisted-pair line driver
Ordering Information
Part No
Tape & Reel
16-Pin SO (0.150”)
20-Pin SO (0.300")
24-Pin LPP
Outline #
General Description
The EL1508C is designed for driving full rate ADSL signals in both
CO and CPE applications at very low power dissipation. The high
drive capability of 450mA makes this driver ideal for both CAP and
DMT designs. It contains two wideband, high-voltage, current mode
feedback amplifiers with a number of power dissipation reduction
These drivers achieve an MTPR distortion measurement of better than
70dB, while consuming typically 6mA of total supply current. This
supply current can be set using a resistor on the IADJ pin. Two other
pins (C0 & C1) can also be used to adjust supply current to one of four
pre-set modes (full-IS, 2/3-IS, 1/3-IS, and full power-down). The
EL1508C operates on ±5V to ±12V supplies and retains its bandwidth
and linearity over the complete supply range.
The device is supplied in a thermally-enhanced 20-pin SO (0.300”), a
thermally-enhanced 16-pin SO (0.150”), and the small footprint
(4x5mm) 24-pin LPP packages. The EL1508C is specified for opera-
tion over the full -40°C to +85°C temperature range.
Pin Configurations
NC 1
NC 2
VS- 3
NC 4
NC 5
NC 6
Thermal Pad
19 NC
18 NC
17 VS+
16 NC
15 NC
14 NC
13 GND
24-Pin LPP Top View
Pin Configurations continues on Page 3
Note: All information contained in this data sheet has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate as of the date of publication; however, this data sheet cannot be a “controlled document”. Current revisions, if any, to these
specifications are maintained at the factory and are available upon your request. We recommend checking the revision level before finalization of your design documentation.
© 2001 Elantec Semiconductor, Inc.

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Differential DSL Line Driver


Differential DSL Line Driver

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