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부품번호 ATC18
기능 Embedded ASIC Memory Cell
제조업체 ATMEL Corporation
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ATC18 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
64K x 32-bit Flash Embedded Memory Cell
Fast Read Access Time
– Random Access Time: 70 ns Worst Case (Process, Voltage, Temperature)
– Page Access Time: 40 ns Worst Case (Process, Voltage, Temperature)
Single Supply Voltage: 1.8V ±10%
Page Program Operation
– 1024 Pages (64 Words/Page)
– Internal Data Latches For 64 Words
– Read Capability During Data Load
Program Cycle Time: 4 ms per Page Including Auto-erase
Full Chip Erase Available in 10 ms
rdybsyn Signal For End of Program Detection
Very Low Power Dissipation
– 8 mA Active Current in Write and Erase
– 4 mA Active Current in Random Read
– 30 µA Stand-by Current
High Reliability CMOS Technology
– Typical Endurance: 100K Write/Word
– Data Retention: 10 Years
Erased State (Charged Gate) Is a Logic “1”
The 64K x 32-bit cell is an embedded 2-Mbit Flash electrically erasable and program-
mable read only memory with a power supply of 1.8V ±10%. The memory is organized
as 1024 pages of 64 32-bit words each. The device uses the Atmel ATC18 0.18 µm sil-
icon process. For easy reprogrammability, it does not require a high input voltage for
programming: the embedded Flash can be operated with a single 1.8V ±10% power
Re-programming the cell is performed on a page basis: the words to be written (from a
minimum of 1 word to a maximum of 64 words) are loaded into the device and then
simultaneously written into the targeted page after the full page has been erased dur-
ing the auto-erase phase. 2 ms are necessary to erase the page, followed by 2 ms to
write the words, independent of the number of words that are written in parallel into
the targeted page. Thus the write time after the auto-erase varies from a maximum of
2 ms per word if only 1 word is written to a minimum of 32 µs per word if the entire
page is written at a time. Memory read is allowed during data loading and forbidden
once programming has started. The signal rdybsyn pulses low at the beginning of the
program cycle to indicate that the memory is not ready for a read operation. Program-
ming the entire memory can be done using a full chip erase followed by 1024 page
write without auto-erase. Compared to full-memory programming using auto-erase on
each page, the programming time is reduced by half. At the end of each program
cycle, the rdybsyn signal pulses high to indicate that programming is completed and
the memory available for a new program or read cycle. Reading data out of the device
can be done in an asynchronous and random manner, with 70 ns access time.
Embedded ASIC
Memory Cell
64K x 32-bit
Rev. 2680A–CASIC–11/02

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4 ATC18 64K x 32-bit Low-power Flash


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