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부품번호 EL6261C
기능 Quad 20MHz Quad / 80MHz / Switched Gain Pre-Amp
제조업체 Elantec Semiconductor
로고 Elantec Semiconductor 로고 

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EL6261C 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
EL6261C Product Brief
Quad 20MHz & Quad, 80MHz, Switched Gain Pre-Amp
Autozero of output offset to
3 selectable gains; 8K, 15K,
Space saving QSOP-24 package
Differential Sum & Sum-Bar
Single 5V supply
CD R/W, R and ROM
MO drives
Optical Pickup pre-amplifier
Servo positioning systems
High speed instrumentation
Ordering Information
Part No
Temp. Range
0°C to +70°C
Outline #
General Description
The EL6261C consists of 4 20MHz trans-impedance amplifiers and 4
80MHz trans-impedance amplifiers. The four 80Mhz amplifier out-
puts also are averaged to provide differential 80MHz outputs.
The EL6261C is designed to amplify the photo diode currents for CD,
DVD, or other photo diode pick-up applications.
Two TTL/CMOS compatible inputs select the gain for all eight ampli-
fiers. The gain settings are 8K, 15Kand 40Kfor all channels.
The sum and sumbar outputs are 11K, 20Kand 53Ksingle
ended. Gain matching is typically 3%, channel to channel. An auto-
zero input brought high after power up reduces the output offsets to
less than 10mV.
The E,F,G,H channel bandwidths are 20MHz for all gains and reason-
able input and output loads. The A,B,C,D,S,S channels have
bandwiths of 80MHz, 45MHz, and 25MHz at low, middle, and high
gains respectively.
Each amplifier output can sink or source up to 5mA, and their outputs
can swing 1Vp-p at full bandwidth.
The EL6261C operates from a single +5V supply, and is available in
QSOP-24 package. It is specified for operation from -0°C to 7C
Connection Diagram
Gain 0 Select 1
Gain 1 Select 2
Ref Input 3
A Input 4
B Input 5
C Input 6
D Input 7
0V (VSS)
E Input
F Input 10
G Input 11
H Input 12
24 AZ Input
23 Sum Output
22 Sum Output
21 A Output
20 B Output
19 C Output
18 D Output
17 +5V (VDD)
16 E Output
15 F Output
14 G Output
13 H Output
24-Pin QSOP
Note: All information contained in this data sheet has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate as of the date of publication; however, this data sheet cannot be a “controlled document”. Current revisions, if any, to these
specifications are maintained at the factory and are available upon your request. We recommend checking the revision level before finalization of your design documentation.
© 1998 Elantec, Inc.

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Quad 20MHz Quad / 80MHz / Switched Gain Pre-Amp

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