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D61012 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Yasuhiko Kawaguchi
The market of video CDs using an MPEG1
decoder has rapidly expanded, particularly
in Asian countries such as China and Korea.
Recently, demand for video CD players in
China has grown because of their falling
price, and high-cost-performance video CD
systems with an MPEG1 decoder and
peripheral functions are in high demand.
The µPD61012 is ideal for the type of
video CD systems required in the Chinese
market because it provides the peripheral
functions necessary for video CD systems
on a single chip.
The µPD61012 is Japan’s first MPEG1
decoder LSI for video CD that integrates an
MPEG1 decoder, video encoder, video DAC,
CD-ROM decoder, and on-screen display
(OSD) on a single chip.
In addition, equipped with OSD characters
supporting Chinese, a code input control
function for damaged discs, reduced screen
playback function, and a playback control
memory, the µPD61012 offers an ideal
configuration for the Chinese video CD
system market.
Table 1 lists the functions of the
µPD61012. The major functions are
described below.
1. MPEG1 decoder
The µPD61012 can decode motion picture
data of a video CD (352 x 240 x 30 frames:
NTSC format, or 352 x 288 x 25 frames: PAL
format) and High Resolution still picture data
video decode
352 pixels x 240 lines x 30 frames
352 pixels x 288 lines x 25 frames
704 pixels x 480 lines (High Resolution still picture)
704 pixels x 578 lines (High Resolution still picture)
Supports MPEG1 audio layers 1, 2
Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
audio decoding Bit rate: All bit rates except free format
Mode: Monaural, stereo, joint stereo, dual channel
data format
Mode2Form2?(double-speed input supported)
OSD function
Character size: 12 x 18 dots
Character type: 224 fixed characters
31 user-defined characters
Color: Character color and background color can be specified in screen units.
Function: Framing, with/without background color, blinking, expansion
(1 to 4 times)
Video output
Composite output, Y/C separate output, RGB output (analog output)
Supports PAL and NTSC TV systems
Host interface
Serial interface: 2-wire, 3-wire
Parallel interface: 8-bit separate mode, 8-bit multiplexed mode
Reduced screen function
Supports auto pause
8 KB sector buffer
Can be decoded with 60-ns 4M DRAM
Operating voltage: 3.0 to 3.6 V
100-pin QFP
Table 1 Function List
(704 x 488 pixels, or 704 x 576 pixels).
To automatically recognize and decode
image size, it can implement frame format
conversion according to the output monitor.
In other words, the µPD61012 can output
disc data recorded in the NTSC format to a
PAL monitor, and disc data recorded in the
PAL format to an NTSC monitor.
Errors due to erroneous MPEG1 data are
corrected by image skipping and muting.
2. CD-ROM decoder
The internal CD-ROM decoder of the
µPD61012 supports the MODE1,
MODE2form1, and MODE2form2 data
formats. The data of MODE2form2 of
MPEG1 data can be input at double speed.
The CD-ROM decoder can control code
Published January 1998
System Micro Engineering Department, Semiconductor Solution Engineering Division

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