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부품번호 D62LCB
기능 (D62xx) Fixed Inductors
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D62LCB 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Fixed Inductors for Surface Mounting
D62LCB / D62CB / D63LCB / D63CB
Inductance Range: 1.047µH(D62LCB), 1.0~82µH(D62CB), 1.0~150µH(D63LCB), 2.0~100µH(D63CB)
4.8 0.6
Recommended patterns
Note (*) D62LCB; 2.0mm Max. height / D63LCB; 3.0mm Max. height
D62CB; 2.5mm Max. height / D63CB; 3.5mm Max. height
Low profile (6.2×6.3mm Max. square, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, and
3.5mm Max. height).
Magnetically shielded construction and low DC
Suitable for large currents.
Ideal for a variety of DC-DC converter inductor applications.
RoHS compliant.
(1) Inductance is measured with a LCR meter 4284A (Agilent
Technologies) or equivalent.
Test frequency at 100kHz
(2) DC resistance is measured with a Digital Multimeter TR6871
(Advantest) or equivalent.
(3)Maximum allowable DC current is that which causes a 30%
inductance reduction from the initial value, or coil temperature to
rise by 40°C, whichever is smaller. (Reference ambient
temperature 20°C)
(Unit: mm)

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(D62xx) Fixed Inductors

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