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부품번호 EKM8003
기능 Optical Mouse Controller
제조업체 ELAN Microelectronics
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EKM8003 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Optical Mouse Controller
December 2002

EKM8003 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
Doc. Version
Specification Revision History
Revision Description
Preliminary version
iv Product Specification (V1.0) 12.17.2002


EKM8003 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Optical Mouse Controller
4.1.2 Write Operation
Write operations, where data is going from the eKM8003 to Agilent sensor IC, is always
initiated by the micro-controller and consists of two bytes. The first byte contains the
address (seven bits) and has a”1” as its MSB to indicate data direction. The second
byte contains the data. The transfer is synchronized by SCLK. The eKM8003 changes
SDIO on falling edges of SCLK.
4.1.3 Read Operation
A read operation, which means that data is going from Agilent sensor IC to the
eKM8003, is always initiated by the eKM8003 and consists of two bytes. The first byte
contains the address, is written by the eKM8003, and has a “0” as its MSB to indicate
data direction. The second byte contains the data and is driven by Agilent sensor IC.
The transfer is synchronized by SCLK. SDIO is changed on falling edges of SCLK and
read on every rising edge of SCLK. The eKM8003 will go to a high Z state after the last
address data bit.
During a read operation, SCLK will delay after the last address data bit to ensure that
Agilent sensor IC has at least 100us to prepare the requested data.
4.1.4 Error Detection and Recovery of ADNS-2051
The eKM8003 will verify the synchronization of the serial port by periodically reading
the product ID register of ADSN-2051. Once the eKM8003 and the ADNS-2051 get out
of sync, then the eKM8003 will output a valid PD plus to resync.
4.1.5 Error Detection and Recovery of ADNS-2610/2620
1. The ADNS-2610/2620 and the microcontroller might get out of synchronization due
to ESD events, power supply droops or microcontroller firmware flaws.
2. The ADNS-2610/2620 has a transaction timer for the serial port. If the sixteenth
SCK rising edge is spaced more than approximately 90 milliseconds from the first
SCK edge of the current transaction, the serial port will reset.
3. Invalid addresses:
- Writing to an invalid address will have no effect. Reading from an invalid address
will return all zeros.
4. Collision detection on SDIO
- The only time that the ADNS-2610/2620 drives the SDIO line is during a READ
operation. To avoid data collisions, the microcontroller should relinquish SDIO
before the falling edge of SCK after the last address bit. Then the ADNS-2610/2620
begins to drive SDIO after the next rising edge of SCK. Next, the ADNS-2610/2620
relinquishes SDIO within 160 ns of the falling SCK edge after the last data bit. The
microcontroller can begin driving SDIO any time after that. In order to maintain low
power consumption in normal operation or when the PD pin is pulled high, the
Product Specification (V1.0) 12.17.2002
(This specification is subject to change without further notice)


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