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기능 SAW Components Low-loss Filter
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B3571 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
SAW Components
Data Sheet B3571

B3571 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
SAW Components
Low-loss Filter
868,60 MHz
Data Sheet
Matching network to 50 (element values depend on pcb layout and equivalent circuit)
Cp1 = 3,3 pF
Ls2 = 15 nH
Ls3 = 15 nH
Cp4 = 3,3 pF
Minimising the crosstalk
For a good ultimate rejection a low crosstalk is necessary. Low crosstalk can be realised with
a good RF layout.
Grounding pins for input transducer are pin 1,3 and for output transducer 5,7. Close to those
pins via holes (through holes) should be placed to achieve a low impedance path to system
ground. If a grounding plane at the top side of the PCB is present, the grounding plane can be
connected to pin 1,3,5,7 at the top side too.
The optimised PCB layout, including matching network for transformation to 50 Ohm, is shown
Optimised PCB layout for SAW filters in QCC8C package, pinning 2,6 (top side, scale 1:1)
The bottom side is a copper plane (system ground area).
For good contact of the upper grounding area with the lower side it is necessary to place
enough via holes.
4 May 09, 2001


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SAW Components Low-loss Filter


SAW Components Low-loss Filter

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