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부품번호 UC1681U
기능 Shingle-Chip Ultra-Low Power 68 COM X 294 SEG Matrix Passive Color LCD Controller Driver
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UC1681U 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
68x98RGB CSTN Controller-Driver
Single-Chip, Ultra-Low Power
68COM x 294SEG Matrix
Passive Color LCD Controller-Driver
UC1681u is an advanced high-voltage mixed-
signal CMOS IC, especially designed for the
display needs of ultra-low power hand-held
This chip employs UltraChip’s unique DCC
(Direct Capacitor Coupling) driver architecture to
achieve near crosstalk free images, with well
balanced gray shades and vivid colors.
In addition to low power COM and SEG drivers,
UC1681u contains all necessary circuits for
high-VLCD power supply, bias voltage generation,
timing generation and graphics data memory.
Advanced circuit design techniques are
employed to minimize external component counts
and reduce connector size while achieving
extremely low power consumption.
Cellular Phones and other battery operated
palm top devices or portable Instruments
Single chip controller-driver for 68x98
matrix C-STN LCD with comprehensive
support for input format and color depth:
8-bit RGB: 256-color
12-bit RGB: 4K-color
16-bit RGB: 58.6 K-color (dithered)
Support video rate CSTN applications.
Partial scroll function and programmable
data update window to support flexible
manipulation of screen data.
One ID pin (software-readable identification
bit) to support configurable vender
Support both row ordered and column
ordered display buffer RAM access.
Support industry standard 2-wire, 3-wire,
3/4-wire, and 4-wire serial bus (I2C, S9,
S8uc, S8), and 8-bit/4-bit parallel bus (8080
or 6800).
Special driver structure and gray shade
modulation scheme. Ultra-low power
consumption under all display patterns.
No power consumption or image quality
penalty when used with video rate CSTN
Fully programmable Mux Rate, partial
display window, Bias Ratio and Line Rate
allow many flexible power management
Software programmable four temperature
compensation coefficients.
Self-configuring 7x charge pump with on-
chip pumping capacitors
Flexible data addressing/mapping schemes
to support wide ranges of software models
and LCD layout placements.
Very low pin count allows exceptional
image quality in COG format on
conventional ITO glass.
Many on-chip and I/O pad layout features to
support optimized COG applications.
VDD (digital) range: 1.8V (Typ.) ~ 3.3V
VDD (analog) range: 2.5V (Typ.) ~ 3.3V
LCD VOP range:
~ 11.8V
MTP VLCD trimming circuit to support
precise LCD contrast matching
Available in gold bump dies:
Bump pitch:
29 µM
Bump gap:
Bump surface:
13 µM
2000 µM2
Revision A_0.7

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Single Chip Ultra Low Power Passive Color LCD Controller Driver


Shingle-Chip Ultra-Low Power 68 COM X 294 SEG Matrix Passive Color LCD Controller Driver

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