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부품번호 D6BN-1
기능 Subminiature PCB Mounting Tilt Sensor
제조업체 Omron
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D6BN-1 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
TMeixctro Tilt Sensor – D6BN-1
Subminiature PCB Mounting Tilt Sensor
Discriminating Left or Right Tilt
Detects the inclination of the Sensor within an activated
angle range between 40° and 80° (left and right) and a
reset angle range between 50° and 10°
A subminiature SMD PCB mounting model
A highly reliable solid-state type by Hall IC
A surprisingly low power consumption with a maximum
of 10µA
Application Examples
Vertical or horizontal discrimination of digital cameras, PDAs, and cellular phones.
Picture viewer, general orientation detection.
Ordering Information
Output configuration
Left and right tilt
Horizontal state
Activated Angle
Reset Angle
40° to 80° (left and right)
50° to 10° (left and right)
Note: Characteristic values are provided, on condition that there is no tilt back and
forth while the operation speed is 10° per second.
Horizontal State
Inclined Left or Right
Structural Protection
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Operating/Storage Humidity
Electrical Operations
High-voltage signal output from the terminals on both sides.
Low-voltage signal output only from the terminals on the side of the moving direction.
-10°C to 60°C
-25°C to 70°C
25% to 85% RH (with no icing/condensation)
100,000min (15-20 times/minute)

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Subminiature PCB Mounting Tilt Sensor

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