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UM66 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Musical Calling Bell
By Kalyan Prodhan
Connection Diagram
Component List with cost (Approximate)
Component Description (IC and Transistor)
Modification for adaptation
This is the simplest ever musical calling bell that can be easily built. It uses the
musical 3 pin IC UM66 and a popularly known Transistor BC548b. The circuit
can be made even without soldering and the ideal for the first electronic project
for newbies. Here the musical IC UM66 generates the music when it receives
supply and drives a small speaker through a class c amplifier using silicon
transistor BC548b.
Fig-1 : Connection Diagram
The connection diagram is shown below. The component details with cost is also with
this. The battery supply should be kept in a battery container to ensure the connection.
The volume of the sound of this circuit is so much that it can be used as a calling bell. If
anyone want to reduce the volume of the circuit then insert a resistance () in place of the
blue line connection. In this circuit please don't give the supply beyond 3 volt without
modification as the IC may got damaged. It is better that you should not run this circuit
in Eliminator as most of the available eliminator don't have a good filter built in and have
no precision over voltage protection. The circuit should not be run in Rechargeable
battery also if the Speaker resistance is less than 8 Ohm and may burn the Transistor.

UM66 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
1. For supply voltage difference.
The IC positive point should be biased with potential divider such that the
voltage at the positive in should not exceed 2.5 volt. For example it should
be 68k and 10k and the terminal voltage will be 1.82 volt. Sometimes the
IC is supplied only through a very high value series resistance like 220k
from 12 volt, but the output bias current of the IC will not be sufficient
then to drive and works as a signal and can only be driven through
preamplifier or using Darlington pair/Zhikli pair as buffer.
2. To limit speaker current/reduce volume.
The speaker current can be limited using series resistance in blue line such
that the base current as well as collector current (i. e. Speaker current also).
The formula is R={(Vcc-Vee)-.05}*[ratio of potential divider if
used]*b/Ispk. Ispk=Speaker Current, b= hFE of the transistor Increase volume/Protection of Transistor.
The current carrying capacity can be increased using Darlington pair with
power transistor to increase volume.


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