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U9280M-H 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
4-bit HARVARD Architecture
4k × 8-bit Application ROM
256 × 4-bit RAM
32 × 16-bit EEPROM
10 Bi-directional I/Os
4 External Interrupt Inputs (SSO20)
8 Interrupt Levels
2 × 8-bit Multifunction Timer/Counter
Interval Timer with Watchdog
Two-Wire Interface (TWI)
Voltage Supervisor
On-chip RC Oscillator
On-chip Crystal Oscillator
Contactless Power Supply and Communication Interface
Power Management for Contactless and Battery Power Supply
Shift-register-supported Modulator and Demodulator Stages
Low Power Consumption
Active Mode < 300 µA at 2V and 1 MHz System Clock Frequency
(2 µs Instruction Cycle)
Power-down Mode < 1 µA
Supply Voltage 2.0V to 6.5V
High-level Language Programming in qFORTH
Operating Speed: 1 µs to 10 µs Instruction Cycle (2 µs at VDD = 2V)
1. Description
The U9280M-H IC is a multi-chip module for remote control and contactless ID sys-
tems. It consists of the ATAR092 microcontroller and U3280M transponder interface
circuit with EEPROM. A coil connected to the transponder interface serves as a wire-
less bi-directional communication interface as well as a power supply for the
microcontroller and the interface. As a transponder, the device is supplied by a mag-
netic RF field applied at the coil. For IR- or RF-transmitter applications, it can be
supplied by a battery. The microcontroller supports, with its built-in timers, a wide
range of IR- and RF-transmission modes such as burst-modulation modes, PWM-,
NRZ-, Manchester- and Bi-phase coding.
Rev. 4591B–RFID–09/05

U9280M-H pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
3. Functional Description The U9280M-H multi-chip module contains a microcontroller and a transponder IC mounted in a
single package. Everything necessary for remote control and wireless identification systems is
integrated: Inputs to connect keys, outputs to control an IR- or RF transmitter and to drive indica-
tor LEDs, an EEPROM to store key code and identifiers, and an interface for contactless
communication and a power supply.
The U3280M is a transponder interface consisting of an analog front end for contactless data
communication and power supply, and a serial 512-bit EEPROM. In addition, it includes power
management to switch the battery or magnetic-field power supply. For modulation and demodu-
lation of the magnetic field, the device has input and output pins to connect the microcontroller.
The MOD, NGAP and FC Pins can be connected externally to the modulator, demodulator and
timer I/O pins of the microcontroller. Access to the EEPROM is possible via a two-wire serial
interface. The ATAR092 microcontrollers are equipped with compatible two-wire serial interface
to communicate with the U3280M. In the U9280M-H the serial interfaces of the transponder
interface and the microcontroller are linked internally.
3.1 ATAR092
The ATAR092 microcontroller is a member of the Atmel’s 4-bit single-chip microcontroller family.
It is especially designed for remote-control applications. It consists of an advanced stack-based
4-bit CPU core with 4K ROM, 256 nibble of RAM and on-chip peripherals. The CPU is based on
the HARVARD architecture and contains an interrupt controller with 8 prioritized interrupt levels.
The peripherals include parallel I/O ports, two 8-bit programmable multifunction timer/counters,
a two-wire serial interface, an interval timer with watchdog function and a voltage supervisor.
The serial interface supports, together with the timers, a modulator and demodulator stage for
Manchester, Bi-phase and pulse-width modulation and demodulation. The integrated clock gen-
erator contains a RC-, a 32-kHz crystal, a 4-MHz crystal oscillator and a programmable input to
use an external clock.
Note: In the U9280M-H not all I/O pins of the ATAR092 are available (see Table 2-1 on page 3). The
microcontroller is fully described in the MARC4 ATAR092 data sheet.
4 U9280M-H


U9280M-H 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
3.5 Gap Detect The transponder interface can also receive data. The base station modulates the data with short
gaps in the field. The gap-detection circuit detects these gaps in the magnetic field and outputs
the gap/field signal at the NGAP pin. A high level indicates that a field is applied at the coil and a
low level indicates a gap or that the field is off. The microcontroller must demodulate the incom-
ing data stream at one of its inputs.
Digital Output of the Gap Detection Stage (NGAP)
NGAP = 0: gap detected/no field
NGAP = 1: field detected
Note: No amplifier is used in the gap detection stage. A digital Schmitt trigger evaluates the rectified and
smoothed coil voltage.
3.6 Wake-up Signal
If a field is applied at the coil of the transponder interface the microcontroller can be woken up
with the wake signal at the NGAP pin. For that purpose the NGAP pin must be connected to an
interrupt input of the microcontroller. A high level at the NGAP output indicates an applied field
and can be used as a wake signal for the microcontroller via an interrupt. If no battery voltage is
available at VBatt the controller starts with a power-on-reset after the voltage of the buffer capac-
itor at VDD is loaded by the field above the power-on-reset level.
The wake signal is generated if the power management switches to field supply. The field detec-
tion stage of the power management has low-pass characteristics to avoid the generation of
wake signals and unnecessary switching between battery and field supply in case of interfer-
ences at the coil inputs.
3.7 U3280M Signals and Timing
Figure 3-2. Modulation
Coil inputs


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