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기능 EMI Suppression Capacitors
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EMI Suppression Capacitors (MKP)
B3291* Series
Series/Type: B32911 … B32916
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May 2007
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EMI Suppression Capacitors (MKP)
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B3291* Series
Ordering code:
B32911 … B32916
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May 2007
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Important notes
The following applies to all products named in this publication:
1. Some parts of this publication contain statements about the suitability of our products for
certain areas of application. These statements are based on our knowledge of typical
requirements that are often placed on our products in the areas of application concerned. We
nevertheless expressly point out that such statements cannot be regarded as binding
statements about the suitability of our products for a particular customer application. As a
rule, EPCOS is either unfamiliar with individual customer applications or less familiar with them
than the customers themselves. For these reasons, it is always ultimately incumbent on the
customer to check and decide whether an EPCOS product with the properties described in the
product specification is suitable for use in a particular customer application.
2. We also point out that in individual cases, a malfunction of passive electronic components
or failure before the end of their usual service life cannot be completely ruled out in the
current state of the art, even if they are operated as specified. In customer applications
requiring a very high level of operational safety and especially in customer applications in which
the malfunction or failure of a passive electronic component could endanger human life or health
(e.g. in accident prevention or life-saving systems), it must therefore be ensured by means of
suitable design of the customer application or other action taken by the customer (e.g. installation
of protective circuitry or redundancy) that no injury or damage is sustained by third parties in the
event of malfunction or failure of a passive electronic component.
3. The warnings, cautions and product-specific notes must be observed.
4. In order to satisfy certain technical requirements, some of the products described in this
publication may contain substances subject to restrictions in certain jurisdictions (e.g.
because they are classed as “hazardous”). Useful information on this will be found in our
Material Data Sheets on the Internet ( Should you have any more
detailed questions, please contact our sales offices.
5. We constantly strive to improve our products. Consequently, the products described in this
publication may change from time to time. The same is true of the corresponding product
specifications. Please check therefore to what extent product descriptions and specifications
contained in this publication are still applicable before or when you place an order.
We also reserve the right to discontinue production and delivery of products. Consequently,
we cannot guarantee that all products named in this publication will always be available.
6. Unless otherwise agreed in individual contracts, all orders are subject to the current version of
the “General Terms of Delivery for Products and Services in the Electrical Industry”
published by the German Electrical and Electronics Industry Association (ZVEI).
7. The trade names EPCOS, BAOKE, Alu-X, CeraDiode, CSSP, MiniBlue, MKK, MLSC, MotorCap,
PCC, PhaseCap, PhaseMod, SIFI, SIKOREL, SilverCap, SIMDAD, SIMID, SineFormer, SIOV,
SIP5D, SIP5K, ThermoFuse, WindCap are trademarks registered or pending in Europe and in
other countries. Further information will be found on the Internet at
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May 2007


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