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User Manual
series emulator
Thanks for choosing ST7! This manual will help you set up and start using your ST7-EMU3
The ST7-EMU3 emulator is the latest generation of ST7 emulators. In combination with the
ST7 debugging and programming software, it gives you unprecedented control of
application development - from building and debugging your applications to programming
your ST7 microcontroller.
The ST7-EMU3 emulator gives you start-to-finish control of application development by
providing you with emulation and in-circuit communication (ICC) configurations. The ST
Micro Connect box is your common hardware interface for emulation and in-circuit
debugging and programming.
In the emulation configuration, your emulator’s probe and ST7 Visual Develop (STVD7)
software allow you to build and debug your application software. This configuration gives
you the most complete range of debugging features, including advanced breakpoints and
performance analysis.
In the in-circuit communication configuration, the ICC Add-on and STVD7 allow you to
debug your application while it runs on your ST7, and to program your ST7 microcontroller
with ST7 Visual Programmer (STVP7).
Figure 1. ST7-EMU3 emulator configurations
Host PC running
Connects via Parallel,
USB or 10 MHz
Ethernet connection
ICC Add-on
Emulation configuration
ST Micro Connect box
ST Micro Connect box
In-circuit communication
ST Micro Connect box
ICC Add-on
ST7 in your application
March 2009
Rev 4

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1 Overview
ST7-EMU3 series emulator
1.1 About the user manuals
This manual will help you set up your ST7-EMU3 emulator and connect it to your PC. Here,
you will find:
Quick set up instructions for the emulation and in-circuit communication configurations
Detailed hardware information
A troubleshooting guide for your emulator
For information about the hardware and software intended for use with your emulator, refer
to the following documents that are included with it:
ST7-EMU3 Probe user guide- for instructions about connecting your ST7MDTxx-EMU3
emulator to your application board.
ST7-EMU3 Emulation Characteristics- for a detailed description of characteristics
specific to your ST7MDTxx-EMU3’s Target Emulation Board (TEB).
ST7 Visual Develop on-line help- build and debug your application software.
ST7 Visual Programmer on-line help - program your ST7.
ST7xxxx Datasheet - ICC connection information that is specific to your ST7.
Host PC system requirements
Both the hardware and software components of the ST7-EMU3 emulator have been
designed to operate with:
One of the following operating systems: Microsoft® Windows® 98, 2000, Millennium,
NT® or XP®.
Intel® Pentium (or compatible) processor with minimum speed of 133 MHz.
Minimum RAM of 32 MB (64 MB recommended).
50 MB of free hard disk space to install all of the ST7 tools.
To install STVD7 and STVP7, Windows® 2000, NT® and XP® users must have
administrator privileges.
1.3 Getting assistance
For more information, application notes, FAQs and software updates for all the ST
microcontroller families, check out the CD-ROM or our website:
For assistance on all ST microcontroller subjects, or for help using your emulator, refer to the
contact list provided in Product support. We’ll be glad to help you.


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www.DataSShTee7t-4EUM.coUm3 series emulator
Getting Started with ST7-EMU3
Quick set up for emulation configuration
1. Connect your PC to your ST Micro Connect box via parallel, USB or Ethernet port. For
more details refer toChapter 3: Connectivity on page 9.
For Ethernet connections, you must assign your ST Micro Connect box an IP address.
For instructions refer to Section 3.3: Ethernet connection on page 12.
Before connecting your emulator and your application board, make sure that both your ST
Micro Connect box and the application board are powered OFF.
Figure 3. Connect your PC
Figure 4. Fasten the ferrite clips
ST Micro Connect box
ST Micro Connect box
(back panel)
EMU3 probe
2. Fasten ferrite clips to the 80-wire flat cables connecting the ST Micro Connect box to
your EMU3 probe (see Figure 4).
3. Connect your application board to the EMU3-probe. You can use the emulator without
connecting to your application board. For details about connecting to your application
board refer to your ST7xxxx-EMU3 Probe User Guide provided with your emulator.
Never have your application board powered on while the emulator is powered off—this can
cause serious damage to the emulator.
4. Connect the power supply to your ST Micro Connect box. For power supply
information, refer to Section 4.3.3: Power supply on page 19.
5. Power up your ST Micro Connect box.
6. Power up your application.
You must always power up your emulator and your application board before running your
application executable in STVD7. Doing otherwise will result in an erroneous emulation.


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