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기능 Turbo uPSD DK3300 User Manual
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Turbo uPSD DK3300 User Manual
The DK3300 board is a demo board for the uPSD3300 family which is a series of 8051 class microcon-
trollers (MCUs) that contain a new fast Turbo 8032 core with a large Dual Bank Flash memory, a large
SRAM, many peripherals, programmable logic and a JTAG Debug / In System Programming (ISP) port.
The DK3300 contains all the items needed to explore the Turbo uPSD3300 MCU. Included in the kit are
demonstration application examples along with an evaluation copy of the tools needed to develop and
compile code for the uPSD3300. The kit also contains the adapters necessary for programming the Flash
inside the uPSD and for accessing the built-in JTAG debug port. Please find or locate the following items:
Figure 1. DK3300 Kit Contents
1. DK3300 Board
2. DK3300 CD
3. 110V/220V AC adapter
4. Plug adapters
5. RS232 Serial Cross-Over
6. USB R-LINK Adapter
7. USB ULink Adapter
8. USB Cable
9. Quick Start Flyer (not
May 2004

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Step 3 - Connecting the DK3300 Board. Connect the Cables to the DK3300 board (see Figure
2., page 5) by connecting the following cables from the DK3300 board to your PC system.
1. Connect the AC adapter to the DK3300 board. The DK3300 AC adapter will work on either 110V or
220V, and contains several different plug adapters to fit popular European AC outlets. Please set up
your AC adapter to fit your AC plug type and plug in the AC adapter. Then plug the small power plug
into the DK3300 9V DC input.
2. Connect the R-LINK adapter to a USB port on your PC system by using the supplied USB cable.
3. Next, connect the small ribbon cable on the R-LINK adapter to the 14 pin JTAG connector on the
DK3300 board.
4. Start the PSDsoft application on your PC.
5. Make sure that you have selected R-LINK in the PSDsoft environment.
6. Test the R-LINK connection to ensure that PSDsoft and the R-LINK cable is communicating with your
DK3300 board.
7. Follow the Design Guide to program the desired design/demo in the uPSD using R-LINK and JTAG
8. Verify that the correct application or demo is installed by viewing the LCD.
Note: The DK3300 may come with a pre-programmed demo described in AN1763.
9. Refer to the Design Guide and application notes for more details.
Step 4 - Try Your DK3300 Board. Your DK3300 board comes pre-programmed with the ADC demo ap-
plication that is discussed in AN1763. To test your DK3300 board, you should have the AC adapter power
plugged in and connected to the 9V DC input on the DK3300 board.
Once you have confirmed your connections physically, turn the DK3300 board on. You should see the
DK3300 AC demo running in the LCD window. If you do not see it running, please verify that you have
power by verifying the red power LED is on.
Note: Use the R-LINK adapter in conjunction with PSDsoft and Design guide to flash the other demos in
the DK3300 Kit to configure/reconfigure the uPSD device and then switch to ULink adapter to debug and
re-program the Flash as needed.
Step 5 - Starting a Debugging Session. To continue with the Raisonance debugging suite, leave the R-
LINK connected, otherwise for starting the Keil Tool chain, swap the R-LINK adapter for the ULink adapter.
The ULink/R-LINK adapters provided with DK3300 kit are used to debug the µPSD3300 with the built-in
JTAG debugger. It can optionally program the Flash in the µPSD3300 as well. This ULink/R-LINK adapter
plugs into the SAME 14-pin JTAG connector. Follow the IDE environment and the associated user’s guide
for debugging the codes.
Step 6 - Following the AN1763 Example. Read and follow the example in application note AN1763 on
the CD.
This Application Note will guide you through a design cycle of the ADC demo to help you familiarize your-
self with PSDSoft Express (used to configure and program the uPSD device) and Keil’s uVision2 (used to
compose, compile, and debug firmware, as well as understand the architecture of the uPSD device).


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Figure 3. MCU


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