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User manual
AD-ICD in-circuit debugging adapter
The In-circuit debugging adapter (AD-ICD/DS8Z-01) makes it possible to debug an
application while it runs on an ST7FLiteUS microcontroller with any in-circuit debugging
(ICD) tool that uses the In-Circuit Communication (ICC) protocol for ST7.
In-circuit debugging with ICC protocol and 10-pin ICC connection requires the use of a
minimum of 4 pins on the target ST7 microcontroller. This constitutes an important
imposition on the limited pin resources of low pin count microcontrollers such as the
ST7FLiteUS (available in DIP8, SO8 and DFN8 packages).
To allow you to take full advantage of the available pins on the target device for your
application, the AD-ICD adapter uses a variant of the target microcontroller with additional
pins for in-circuit debugging. The additional pins allow the connections required for in-circuit
debugging so that none of the pins used as I/Os on the standard target microcontroller need
be used for ICD.
Figure 1. In-Circuit Debugging Adapter for ST7LiteUS
Host PC running an integrated
development environment supporting
in-circuit debugging such as STVD7.
Any in-circuit debugging tool that
uses the ICC protocol for ST7
(10-pin ICC connection).
ICD Adapter with microcontroller
and 10-pin ICC connector
Application board Connector is a
package-specific connector that
receives the ICD adapter.
Application Board
The ICD Adapter connects to your application board in place of the target microcontroller
and to any in-circuit debugging tool via a 10-pin ICC connector. For connection to the user
application board, the ICD Adapter can be used with connectors/device adapters for all
available packages of the target MCU (DIP8, SO8, DFN8). These connectors/device
adapters are to be installed on the MCU footprint in place of the target device.
September 2006
Rev 2

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www.DataS1heDete4lUiv.ceomry checklist
1 Delivery checklist
The ICD Adapter for the ST7FLITEUS is delivered in an ICD Adapter kit (AD-ICD/DS8Z-01)
for use with any tool capable of in-circuit debugging via 10-pin ICC connection. It is also
delivered with the ST7MDT10-EMU3 emulator.
The kit’s components include accessories for SO8 and DIP8 packages (refer to Figure 1):
1. ICD Adapter (MB509) with 10-pin ICC connector and ST7FLiteUS microcontroller.
2. Device adapter (DB646) for target devices in DIP8 package.
3. On-application connector (8-pin header) for target devices in SO8 package.
To connect to application boards when in-circuit debugging applications for devices in DFN8
package, users must also order the ST7MDT10-8/DVP, which includes:
4. Device adapter (DB715), on-application connector (a) and male-male connector (b) for
target devices in DFN8 package.
Figure 1. ICD Adapter kit components (not to scale)
Top view
Bottom view
Figure 2.
DFN8 accessories available in ST7MDT10-8/DVP (not to scale)


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3 Connecting to the application board
3 Connecting to the application board
This chapter describes the physical connection of the ICD adapter to your in-circuit
debugging tool and to your application board.
Figure 6. Connectors on the ICD Adapter
10-pin ICC connector
The ICD Adapter (MB509) connects to
your in-circuit debugging tool via the
10-pin ICC connector on the top of the
adapter. It connects to the connector
installed on you application board via
an 8-pin connector on the bottom of
the adapter (see Figure 6).
8-pin connector
To use the ICD Adapter you will have
to solder the appropriate package
specific connector to your application
board in place of your target
ST7LiteUS microcontroller. Table 2
shows the available connectors
Table 2. Target MCU packages and their application connectors
ICD Adapter
Application board connector(s)
SO8, 8-pin connector
DB715 flexible adapter
The DB715 flexible and associated on-application connectors for the DFN8 package are
delivered with the ST7MDT10-8/DVP connection kit (see Delivery checklist).
The following sections show connection illustrations for each supported package type:
Connection for DIP8 microcontroller package on page 8
Connection for SO8 microcontroller package on page 9
Connection for DFN8 microcontroller package on page 10


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User manual AD-ICD in-circuit debugging adapter

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