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기능 STM8 SWIM communication protocol and debug module
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UM0470 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
User manual
STM8 SWIM communication protocol and debug module
This manual has been written for developers who need to build programming, testing or
debugging tools for the STM8 microcontroller family. It explains the debug architecture of the
STM8 core.
The STM8 debug system consists of 2 modules.
DM -
Debug module
Single wire interface module
Related documentation
STM8 Flash programming reference manual (PM0047)
January 2008
Rev 1

UM0470 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
www.DataSDheeebtu4Ug.csoymstem overview
1 Debug system overview
The STM8 debug system interface allows a debugging or programming tool to be connected
to the MCU through a single wire bidirectional communication based on open-drain line.
It provides non-intrusive read/write access to RAM and peripherals during program
The block diagram is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Debug system block diagram
SWIM pin
LSI oscillator
SWIM module
SWIM Entry
Comm Command
Layer Decode
Debug module (DM)
HSI oscillator
The debug module uses the two internal clock sources present in the device, the LSI Low
Speed Internal clock (usually in the range 30 kHz-200 kHz, depending on the product) one
and the HSI High Speed Internal clock (usually in the range 10 MHz to 25 MHz, depending
on the device). The clocks are automatically started when necessary.


UM0470 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Single wire interface module (SWIM)
SWIM entry sequence
After a POR, and as long as the SWIM module is in OFF mode, the SWIM pin is sampled for
entry sequence detection. In order to do this, the internal low speed RC clock is
automatically turned ON after POR and remains forced ON as long as the SWIM is in OFF
If the register which forces the SWIM module in I/O mode is written before the entry
sequence is finalized, the SWIM module enters I/O mode. Once the SWIM module is
ACTIVE, writing this bit has no influence on communication and the SWIM interface remains
in ACTIVE mode.
If an application uses the SWIM pin as standard I/O, it puts the SWIM interface in I/O mode
in the initialization section of the software code (typically, this is performed just after the
reset). However, even in this case, it is still possible to put the SWIM interface in ACTIVE
mode by forcing the RESET pin to 0 and keep it low for the duration of the SWIM entry
As long as the SWIM module is in OFF mode, the SWIM entry sequence is detected at any
moment, during reset or when the application is running.
If both the SWIM pin and the reset pin are multiplexed with I/Os, the way to enter SWIM
ACTIVE state is to power down the MCU device, power up and to maintain the reset until the
end of the SWIM entry sequence.
Figure 4.
SWIM activation timing diagram
SWIM active set
SWIM Entry Sequence
SWIM_CSR(5) set
SWIM pin
(1) (2)
LSI osc ON
(3) (4) (5)
HSI osc ON


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STM8 SWIM communication protocol and debug module

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