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Hardware Manual
Renesas 16-Bit Single-Chip Microcomputer
H8 Family / H8/300H Tiny Series
Revision Date: Sep. 18, 2007

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General Precautions on Handling of Product
1. Treatment of NC Pins
Do not connect anything to the NC pins.
The NC (not connected) pins are either not connected to any of the internal circuitry or are
used as test pins or to reduce noise. If something is connected to the NC pins, the
operation of the LSI is not guaranteed.
2. Treatment of Unused Input Pins
Fix all unused input pins to high or low level.
Generally, the input pins of CMOS products are high-impedance input pins. If unused pins
are in their open states, intermediate levels are induced by noise in the vicinity, a pass-
through current flows internally, and a malfunction may occur.
3. Processing before Initialization
Note: When power is first supplied, the product's state is undefined.
The states of internal circuits are undefined until full power is supplied throughout the
chip and a low level is input on the reset pin. During the period where the states are
undefined, the register settings and the output state of each pin are also undefined. Design
your system so that it does not malfunction because of processing while it is in this
undefined state. For those products which have a reset function, reset the LSI immediately
after the power supply has been turned on.
4. Prohibition of Access to Undefined or Reserved Addresses
Note: Access to undefined or reserved addresses is prohibited.
The undefined or reserved addresses may be used to expand functions, or test registers
may have been be allocated to these addresses. Do not access these registers; the system's
operation is not guaranteed if they are accessed.
Rev. 1.50 Sep. 18, 2007 Page iv of xxxiv


64F36109 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
When using an on-chip emulator (E7, E8) for H8/36109 program development and debugging, the
following restrictions must be noted.
1. The NMI pin is reserved for the E7 or E8, and cannot be used.
2. Pins P85, P86, and P87 cannot be used. In order to use these pins, additional hardware must be
provided on the user board.
3. Area H'01F000 to H'01FFFF is used by the E7 or E8, and is not available to the user.
4. Area H'F780 to H'FB7F must on no account be accessed.
5. When the E7 or E8 is used, address breaks can be set as either available to the user or for use
by the E7 or E8. If address breaks are set as being used by the E7 or E8, the address break
control registers must not be accessed.
6. When the E7 or E8 is used, NMI is an input/output pin (open-drain in output mode), P85 and
P87 are input pins, and P86 is an output pin.
7. Use channel 1 of the SCI3 (P21/RXD, P22/TXD) in on-board programming mode by boot
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Rev. 1.50 Sep. 18, 2007 Page vii of xxxiv


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