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기능 SSL1523 high power factor 5W LED driver
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UM10406 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
SSL1523 high power factor 5 W LED driver for universal
Rev. 01 — 3 August 2010
User manual
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SSL1523, SSL152x family, LED driver, mains supply, AC/DC conversion
This user manual describes a demonstration (demo) board for a mains
operated non-dimmable 5 W LED driver using the SSL1523 SMPS
controller IC.
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UM10406 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
NXP Semiconductors
SSL1523 5 W LED driver
Table 1. Specification …continued
Board dimensions
Operating temperature
Isolation voltage
50 mm × 86 mm × 1.6 mm
0 °C to 85 °C
± 4 kV
3. Demo board views
between the primary and secondary circuits
Fig 1. Demo board top
User manual
Fig 2. Demo board bottom
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Rev. 01 — 3 August 2010
© NXP B.V. 2010. All rights reserved.
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UM10406 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
NXP Semiconductors
SSL1523 5 W LED driver
6. Board system optimization
To meet specific customer application requirements, the modifications described in the
following sections are possible.
6.1 Changing the output current and LED current
One of the major advantages of a flyback converter over other topologies, is its suitability
for driving LED configurations with a broad range of voltages. Essentially, changing the
winding ratio whilst maintaining the value of the primary inductance, will shift the output
working voltage accordingly. Part of the efficiency of the driver is linked to the output
voltage. A lower output voltage will require increased transformation ratio, and will cause
higher secondary losses. In practice, a mains operated flyback converter will have an
efficiency > 80 % for high output voltages (like 40 V) down to 50 % for very low output
voltages < 3 V. At low voltages, synchronous rectification becomes advisable to reduce
rectification losses.
The NXP TEA 1761/TEA1762 can be used for this purpose, see Ref. 1. For exact
calculations of transformer properties and peak current, refer to Ref. 2 application note
AN10754, “How to design an LED driver using the SSL2101”, see Ref. 2.
6.2 Changing the output ripple current
The output ripple current is mostly determined by the LED voltage, the LED dynamic
resistance and the output capacitor. The present value of C10 has been chosen to
optimize the capacitor size under typical load. The resulting ripple of ± 30 % will result in
an expected deterioration of light output < 1 %.
The size for the buffer capacitor (C10) can be estimated from Equation 1:
C10 = Δ---I--I 2----π---f--n---e--t-----1-R----d---y--n---a--m----i-c-
Using a series of LEDs, the dynamic resistance of each LED can be multiplied by the
number of LEDs. The current sense resistor (R10) should also be included in this
Example: For a ripple current of ± 30 %, and a mains frequency of 50 Hz, and a total
dynamic resistance of 7 Ω, the resulting capacitance value will be 3.3333 / (314*7) =
1500 μF. The capacitor must be specified for the HF switching related ripple current of
about 0.35 times the average effective LED current (ILED(AV)). For high lifetime
applications, the ripple current specification of the electrolytic capacitor must be
increased. For details, please contact the capacitor supplier.
6.3 Changing the load curve
The current load curve can be divided into the following two regions:
Where the current control loop regulates the output current, the constant current
Where the IC limits the peak input current of the converter, the constant power output
User manual
All information provided in this document is subject to legal disclaimers.
Rev. 01 — 3 August 2010
© NXP B.V. 2010. All rights reserved.
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