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부품번호 CV2201 기능
기능 Web tension measuring amplifier
제조업체 Erhardt Leimer
로고 Erhardt Leimer 로고 

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CV2201 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Description U
Web tension measuring amplifier
CV 2201
1. Safety instructions
2. Function
3. Transport
4. Assembly
5. Installation
6. Commissioning
7. Troubleshooting / repair
8. Disassembly
9. Wiring Diagram
10. Technical data
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CV2201 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
Web tension measuring amplifier CV 2201
4. Assembly
Mount measuring amplifier near the load cells.
5. Installation
5.1 Supply voltage
5.2 Load cell
Electric shock!
Live parts can cause an electric shock.
Never touch live parts.
Connect electrical cables as per the circuit diagram, during this
task pay attention to the information on cross-section and screen-
Ensure the insulation is not damaged and the cables are properly
fixed and protected.
The supply voltage for the measuring amplifier is 24 V DC.
Lay signal cable separate from cables carrying interference or high
currents (for example motor cables).
Connect signal cables directly to the measuring amplifier without
intermediate terminals.
Ensure the screening on signal cables is only connected to ground
at the measuring amplifier.
The connecting cables between the load cells and the measuring am-
plifier should be kept as short as possible.
5.3 Earth and ground connections
All E+L components must be at the same ground potential as the entire
Cables not procured from E+L must be the same as the E+L cables,
that is they must also be screened so that all connections can be made
as shown in the wiring diagrams.
U 4/12
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CV2201 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Web tension measuring amplifier CV 2201
The resultant web tension in the measuring direction should not signif-
icantly exceed the nominal measuring force so that, in case of asym-
metrical web tension distribution, the individual load cells continue to
operate in the linear range. Calibrating with test weight
Fig. 6-1:
1. Belt
2. Measuring roller
3. Amplifier
1 4. Test weight
2 Determine maximum web tension. This aspect was defined during
planning. If this is not the case, determine web tension empirically.
Place a belt over the middle of the measuring roller in the same
way as the web will be positioned subsequently (see figure).
3 Hang the test weight on this belt; the weight should correspond to
4 the web tension, as far as possible.
Measure signal voltage UE from the load cell at the amplifier's in-
If the signal voltage is higher than the maximum range stated in the
technical data for the load cell, the load cell is overloaded.
– Change wrapping angle or measuring direction.
– If necessary, use heavier duty load cell.
Measure output voltage UDirect.
Adjust amplifier using the potentiometer R43. Turning clockwise
will increase the amplification factor.
– In the case of a test weight that corresponds to the maximum
web tension, the signal voltage from the load cell must be am-
plified to an output voltage UDirect of 10 V.
– In case of a smaller test weight, the output voltage must be set
correspondingly lower.
If the maximum web tension to be measured is 1000 N and there
is a test weight of 750 N hanging over the measuring roller, the
output voltage UDirect must be 7.5 V.
Stated as a formula:
UDirect =
Force due to test weight (N)
Maximum web tension (N)
x 10 Volt (V)
U 7/12
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