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기능 stereo power amplifier
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BRUTUS170S 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
stereo power amplifier
BRUTUS - 170W/S is stronger brother of the popular BRUTUS - 100W/S power
amplifier. BRUTUS - 170W/S is operating in the bridge configuration, which ensu-
res such a high output.
Thanks to IC TD A7294 manuf actured b y SGS
Thompson ( that you can buy for few
Euros you can make a compact 170W power am-
plifier. It’s PCB measures just 5,5 x 21 cm.
TDA7294 is housed in Multiwatt 15 package and
is intended for audio power amplifiers operating
in class AB. It’s usable in wide area of applica-
tions, from Home Cinema speaker systems to ac-
tive speak ers, high-end T V se ts and of cour se
home brew am plifier projects. Due to it’ s large
power supply voltage range is this IC capable of
delivering large power to 4, 8 and 16 Ohms spea-
kers. TDA7294 has 100W output power at RL =
8 Ohms; VS = ± 38V, and 100W at RL = 4 Ohms;
VS = ± 29V. THD is lower than 0,1% at PO = 0.1
to 50W and f = 20Hz to 20kHz. De tailed infor-
mation on power output and THD can be seen
in diagrams.
Let us f irstly list basic dat a about TD A7249 in
table 1. Special attention should be paid f or the
max. power supply voltage which should not ex-
ceed ± 49V. In case that v oltage exceeds ± 49V
your TDA7294 will silently burn out. In the am-
plifier circuit are f our pieces of TD A7294. It
means that we might find out that all four ICs are
dead as Dodo! Take a look also at table 2, where
technical data for TDA7294 are listed.
Another important issue is speak er impedance.
Speaker should ha ve min. 8 Ohms impedance.
Just for illustration, with Vss of just ± 25V and 8
Ohms speakers output power reaches 150W, whi-
le at Vss = ± 35V and 1 6 Ohms speaker we can
reach output po wer of respect able 170W! You
may ask yourself what can happen if instead of 8
Ohms speakers 4 Ohms ones are used? Well, not
much if TD A7294 is concer ned. Amplif ier will
deliver max. output po wer to 4 Ohms speak ers
limited time until ICs overheat. Due to IC’s ther-
mal protection circuitry TDA7294 will automati-
cally reduce output power to safe value.
Schematic diagram of the BRUTUS - 170W/S po-
wer amplifier can be seen at fig. 2
Table 2: Electrical characteristics
Table 1: Absolute maximum ratings
DMOS 170W schematic
As mentioned ear lier, BRUTUS -
170W/S is configured in the brid-
ge conf iguiration. One of it’s ad-
vantages is that there is no output
capacit or which im proves fre-
quency response of am plif ier.
With the swit ch S1 MUTE or
PLAY mode are selected.
Let us now take a look at IC itself. TDA7294 has
4 main parts: MUTE circuitry with Stand-by func-
tion, preamplifier circuitry, power output s tage
and short protection circuitry. TDA7294 has built-
in protection from the shor t circuit on the out-
put terminals. It has also thermal
protection which tur ns off output
stage, when silicon die reaches
Power supply is blocked with 100n-
F capacitors near ICs. T ogether
with 2.200 µF filter capacitors en-
sures a clean po wer supply v olta-
ge for IC . Le t us emphasiz e that
2.200 µF capacit ors that are pla-
ced near IC are here purely to im-
prove 100 Hz filtering while main
filtering must be done with 10.000
µF capacitors that are located on
power supply PCB.
Resistors R2 and R3 (R12 and R15
respectively) set the am plification
of the circuit. With values that you
see in the schematic diagr am am-
plification is set to 30 dB. Capaci-
tor C9 sets the low frequency cut-
off therefore lowering value of C9
should be done carefully. If you lo-
wer capacitance of C9 the low fre-
quency cut-off will be higher which
means that lower tones will be at-
tenuated. Lowering capacitance of
decoupling capacitor C3 will cau-
se same effect as changing value of
C9. Input resistance is set with R1,
which should be same as R2.
Electrical schematic of BRUTUS -
170W/S is a bit different from the
original application note. Differen-
ce is at the MUTE and STAND-BY
pins, that are connected to one
switch S1.
To reach max. attenuation MUTE
switch S1 should be connected t o
GND, while for normal operation
it should be connected to +Vcc.
Power supply
Power supply of this am plifier is
simple. You should use centre-tap-
ped transf ormer with 2x2 7V A C

BRUTUS170S pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
Table 4: Table of components for BR UTUS - 170W/S
stereo amplifier with TDA7294
Figure 6: Time delay circuit
de you can use 1 2V regulator like 7812. Power
supply of time delay circuit is connected to 2 7V
AC and GND as seen in the schematic diagram.
LED is added to signalize power supply voltage.
Building Power amplifier KIT
Building po wer am plifier is easy .
Firstly solder all resistors, diodes and
ceramic capacit ors. Then solder
small electrolytic capacitors, connec-
tors, sockets and finaly 2.200 µF ca-
pacitors. If you feel more confortab-
le you may firstly screw all TDA7294
to suitable heatsink and the solder
them to the PCB. At mounting
TDA7294 to heatsink note that you
should use suitable mica washers to
isolate ICs from the potential of the
enclosure – which is nor maly con-
nected to GND. T abs of TDA7294
are connected to –Vss so you should
be careful when mounting them to
heatsink. Screw s should be insula-
ted with insulating bushes. Between
mica w asher and TD A7294 y ou
should apply silicone heatsink compound which
improves ther mal conductivit y be tween
TDA7294 and heatsink . Suitable mica washer s
and insulating bushes are included in the KIT set.
When scre ws are screw ed (do no t screw them
too much – you might damage TDA7294!!) you
should check resist ance between TDA7294 tab
and heatsink with continuiyt check with your mea-
suring instrument. If there is no connection you
may mount heatsink t o y our enclosure. Bef ore
you connect power supply to your amplifier make
sure that in put potentiometers (P1 and P2) are
connected to GND i.e. input signal is set at mini-
We have got reports from customers that when
they turned on power supply, amplifier delivered
max. output po wer to loudspeakers which cau-
sed damage of loudspeakers. When you turn on
power supply with v olume set to minimum y ou
will not hear a thing – also due to automatic eli-
mination of pop and click at power on.
TDA7294 has very minor noise, so do not be sur-
prised if nothing will be heard. Also do no t for-
get to tur n MUTE/PLAY switch to PLA Y posi-
tion. Connect input signal to J11&J12 (J13&J14
respectively). Slowly turn on volume and now you
could enjoy sound of y our BRUTUS - 1 70W/S
P.C.B. and Components layout


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