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부품번호 EMC5050-42HC16NRR
기능 1.5A Li-ion/Li Polymer Battery Charger
제조업체 Elite Semiconductor
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EMC5050-42HC16NRR 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
1.5A Li-ion/Li Polymer Battery Charger
General Description
The EMC5050 is a highly-integrated battery charger
for single-cell Li-ion or Li-polymer batteries capable
of operating with an input voltage reached 2.5V. It
is a complete charger device designed to work with
an USB port or 5V output AC adapter.
The EMC5050 operates with CC (constant current)
mode and CV (constant voltage) mode profiles. A
low-current preconditioning charge mode is also
provided as a trickle charging operation. The
charge current is programmable up to 1.5A with an
external resistor or a logic input. The charge voltage
is 1% accurate over the full application range.
When operating with a current-limited adapter, the
charger minimizes the thermal dissipation with
pulsed operations to prevent overheat conditions
that is commonly occurred with conventional linear
chargers. The EMC5050 reduces charge current for
thermal fold-back to ensure product safe operation.
The charger automatically re-charges the battery
when the battery voltage drops blow a recharge
threshold. The chip includes a safety timer for setting
the fast charge time limit in case of charging a dead
Additional features include preconditioning of an
over-discharged battery and charging the battery in
a safe temperature range with an NTC thermistor
interface. The thermally enhanced TQFN packages
are offered for space limited handheld applications.
„ Complete Charger for Single-Cell Li-ion Batteries
„ Charges from either AC Adapter or USB Port
„ Integrated Power Pass Device with Current
„ No External Blocking Diode Required
„ Pre-charge Condition with Safety Timing
„ 1% Charger Voltage Accuracy
„ Programmable Current Limit up to 1.5A
„ Programmable End-of-Charge Current
„ Sleep Mode for Power Saving
„ Charge Current Thermal Fold-back
„ NTC Thermistor Interface for Battery Temperature
„ Monitor
„ Stand-Alone or Integrated Charger
„ Ambient Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
„ Thermally-Enhanced TQFN-16L 4mmx4mm
„ Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant
„ PDAs, Cell Phones and Smart Phones
„ Digital Camera, MP3 and Handheld Gamming
„ Portable Instruments including Medical
„ Self-Charging Battery Packs
„ Stand-Alone Chargers or USB Port Chargers
Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology Inc./Elite MicroPower Inc. Publication Date: Apr. 2012
Revision: 0.2

EMC5050-42HC16NRR pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
Functional Block Diagram
Fig. 2
Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology Inc./Elite MicroPower Inc. Publication Date: Apr. 2012
Revision: 0.2


EMC5050-42HC16NRR 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Trickle Threshold Hysteresis
Temperature Monitoring
High Voltage Threshold
High Voltage Threshold Hysteresis
Low Voltage Threshold
Low Voltage Threshold Hysteresis
Threshold Foldback Threshold
Oscillation Frequency
Logic Input and Output
EN/TOEN Pin Logic Input High
EN/TOEN Pin Logic Input Low
EN/TOEN Pin Internal Pull-Up
STATUS/FAULT Output Voltage
VV2P8 = 3.0V
VV2P8 = 3.0V
VV2P8 = 3.0V
VV2P8 = 3.0V
CTIME = 15nF
10 mA Current
50 100 150 mV
-- 2.0 -- V
-- 1.9 -- V
-- 1 -- V
-- 1.1 -- V
-- 107 -- °C
305 333 370 Hz
1.5 --
-- V
-- -- 0.8 V
880 Kohm
-- -- 0.8 V
Note 1: TJ is a function of the ambient temperature TA and power dissipation PD (TJ = TA + (PD) *θJA )).
Note 2: θJA is measured in the natural convection at TA=25on a highly effective thermal conductivity test board
(2 layers , 2S0P ) according to the JEDEC 51-7 thermal measurement standard.
Note 3: θJC represents the heat resistance between the chip and the package top case.
Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology Inc./Elite MicroPower Inc. Publication Date: Apr. 2012
Revision: 0.2


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1.5A Li-ion/Li Polymer Battery Charger

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