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BAP1491 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
BAP1491 IGBT Gate Drive Board
BAP1491 IGBT Gate Drive Board for
Three Phase and Full Bridge Inverters
Complete IGBT Gate Drive Board with the following feature:
Current sensing and heatsink
temperature sensing capability
Over voltage protection
Includes all power supplies
DC link voltage sensing
Over current protection
Single 26 pin header for all I/O and
input power
Under voltage lock-out
Diagnostic LEDs
Automatic dead time generation
Shoot through protection
The BAP1491 Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Gate Drive Board (GDB) discussed in
this Datasheet/Application Note provides a safe, reliable, isolated interface between control
logic and an IGBT based power stage. With minimal development time and cost, an effective
inverter can be designed and built using the techniques described below.
Typically, the most unreliable portion of an inverter design is the power stage. In most if not all
cases, this is due to inadequate control of the power semiconductors. The APS IGBT GDB is a
robust design (see Figure 1 Block diagram) offering the necessary protection features to ensure
a reliable power stage including: two forms of over current protection, DC link over voltage
protection, over temperature protection, and under voltage lockout. Also provided as feedback
signals to the control logic are isolated, analog, real-time representations of each phase output
current, the DC link voltage and a temperature sensor interface that can be mounted on a
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BAP1491 IGBT Gate Drive Board
Gate Drive Signals
After the control signals are integrated with dead
time, they are optically isolated and buffered by a
transistor stage with the capability to source the
high peak currents necessary to turn large IGBTs
on and off quickly. The GDB is equipped with 4.3-
Ohm gate resistors standard that allow up to a 3
Amp peak current pulse. This resistor is selected
to optimize the performance of an IGBT with a gate
charge of approximately 1000 C; however, it will
work in many applications. Consult factory for
alternate gate resistor values.
The isolated gate drive power supplies are
generated with three separate high frequency
transformers. These transformers are high
potential tested to 2500 volts between each of its
three windings. The primary of each transformer is
referenced to the ground of the 24-volt or 15-volt
power supply.
a specific application. The default scaling is
illustrated in Figure 9. Note: The Hall effect
sensors must be mounted with its current direction
arrow facing in towards the IGBT.
DC Link Voltage Sensing
The positive of the DC link should be fed back to
the GDB for monitoring and protection (see Figure
3). The reference for the DC link sense wire is the
emitter of the lower IGBT of phase A (EMIT A-),
which is also the ground of the DC link. This
voltage is attenuated by a voltage divider (100:1)
and transmitted across an optical barrier to provide
an isolated, logic level representation of the DC
link now referenced to the ground of the GDB
power supply. The attenuated voltage is available
on pin 13 of J1 (600 volts on the DC link will result
in 6.0 volts at pin 13) and is also used by the
control logic to detect an over voltage condition
(default threshold of 910 10 VDC).
Each secondary is referenced to an emitter of an
IGBT in a phase. The capacitance between the
secondaries is less than 15pF to minimize
capacitive coupling between upper and lower
Each secondary creates a bipolar power supply
that is optimally regulated to sufficiently drive the
IGBT into saturation, yet low enough to limit short
circuit currents and minimize power supply
consumption. A negative bias is provided when
the IGBT is off to ensure it remains off and to
minimize turn off losses.
Current Sensing
The APS GDB is specifically designed to operate
with open loop Hall effect sensors. The GDB
provides the necessary 15-volt power supplies
and ground reference for three separate current
sensors (see Figure 4). An isolated voltage
proportional to output current is fed back to the
GDB where it is buffered and fed back to the
customer provided controller (see Table 1 for pin
assignments) as a real time analog representation
of the output currents.
The gain of the signal conditioning circuitry on the
GDB is set to unity. Therefore, if the Hall effect
sensor’s output is 4 volts, the voltage fed back to
the customer provided controller would be 4 volts.
The scaling of the output current feedback, along
with the over current threshold can be adjusted to
Temperature Sensing
The GDB temperature sense circuit uses an LM35,
a low cost, industry standard temperature sensor
available in a TO-92 package. Unlike more
expensive bi-metallic thermocouples, its output is
immune to electrostatic and electromagnetic fields,
which will undoubtedly be present in the system.
A 4-pin header on the board, J2, provides the
necessary 15 volts and ground to power the LM35.
The LM35 feeds back a voltage proportional to
temperature, which is scaled, buffered and
available on pin 11 of J1.
The scaling of the signal on pin 11 of J1 is
1V/12 C, where 0 volts is 0 C. The over
temperature threshold is set on the GDB at 98
2 C, which corresponds to 8.17 volts at pin 11.
The threshold can be adjusted for a specific
Protection Features
The APS GDB is equipped with several protection
features that will prevent catastrophic system
failures. In the case of one of the faults discussed
below, all gate drive signals are latched off
(customer provided control signals are inhibited
from reaching the gates) and the LED associated
with the fault will light. The GDB will remain in a
latched off state until all customer provided control
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BAP1491 IGBT Gate Drive Board
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