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부품번호 G084SN05-V9
기능 Color TFT-LCD
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G084SN05-V9 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Preliminary Specifications
Final Specifications
Model Name
8.4 Inch Color TFT-LCD
G084SN05 V9
G084SN05 V9
Approved by
Checked &
Approved by
Note: This Specification is subject to change
without notice.
Grace Hung
Prepared by
Johnson Lin
General Display Business Division /
AU Optronics corporation
G084SN05 V9 rev. 3.0

G084SN05-V9 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
G084SN05 V9
1. Operating Precautions
1) Since front polarizer is easily damaged, please be cautious not to scratch it.
2) Be sure to turn off power supply when inserting or disconnecting from input connector.
3) Wipe off water drop immediately. Long contact with water may cause discoloration or spots.
4) When the panel surface is soiled, wipe it with absorbent cotton or soft cloth.
5) Since the panel is made of glass, it may be broken or cracked if dropped or bumped on hard
6) To avoid ESD (Electro Static Discharde) damage, be sure to ground yourself before handling
TFT-LCD Module.
7) Do not open nor modify the module assembly.
8) Do not press the reflector sheet at the back of the module to any direction.
9) In case if a module has to be put back into the packing container slot after it was taken out
from the container, do not press the center of the LED Reflector edge. Instead, press at the
far ends of the LED Reflector edge softly. Otherwise the TFT Module may be damaged.
10)At the insertion or removal of the Signal Interface Connector, be sure not to rotate nor tilt the
Interface Connector of the TFT Module.
11)After installation of the TFT Module into an enclosure (Notebook PC Bezel, for example), do
not twist nor bend the TFT Module even momentary. At designing the enclosure, it should be
taken into consideration that no bending/twisting forces are applied to the TFT Module from
outside. Otherwise the TFT Module may be damaged.
12)Small amount of materials having no flammability grade is used in the LCD module. The LCD
module should be supplied by power complied with requirements of Limited Power Source
(IEC60950 or UL1950), or be applied exemption.
13)Severe temperature condition may result in different luminance, response time.
14)Continuous operating TFT-LCD Module under high temperature environment may accelerate
LED light bar exhaustion and reduce luminance dramatically.
15)The data on this specification sheet is applicable when LCD module is placed in landscape
16)Continuous displaying fixed pattern may induce image sticking. It is recommended to use
screen saver or shuffle content periodically if fixed pattern is displayed on the screen.
G084SN05 V9 rev. 3.0


G084SN05-V9 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Note 2: Definition of 9 points position (Display active area : 170.4(H) x 127.8(V))
90 %
50 %
10 %
10 %
G084SN05 V9
50 %
90 %
Note 3: The luminance uniformity of 9 points is defined by dividing the minimum luminance value by the maximum
test point luminance
W9 =
Minimum Brightness of nine points
Maximum Brightness of nine points
Note 4 Definition of contrast ratio (CR):
Contrast ratio (CR)= Brightness on the “White” state
Brightness on the “Black” state
Note 5: Definition of response time:
The output signals of photo detector are measured when the input signals are changed from “White” to “Black”
(falling time) and from “Black” to “White” (rising time), respectively. The response time interval is between 10% and
90% of amplitudes. Please refer to the figure as below.
% Tf
G084SN05 V9 rev. 3.0


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