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부품번호 ELIS1024
기능 High Performance Line-Scan Image Sensor

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ELIS1024 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
High Performance
Line-Scan Image Sensor
Key Features
o Low cost
o Single supply operation, wide operating
o Selectable resolutions of 1024, 512, 256
and 128 pixels
o Intelligent power management and Low-
power standby mode
o Sample and hold
o Full frame shutter and Dynamic Pixel Reset
(DPR) modes
o High sensitivity
o High signal to noise
o Non-destructive read capable, extremely
low noise capable via signal averaging
o 1.0 KHz to 30.0 MHz operation clock
o Very low dark current
o Completely integrated timing and control
o Replaces entire CCD systems, not just the
o Visit
for full details
(16-pin LCC)
(16-pin DIP)
Brief Description
The ELIS-1024 is a high performance near
IR image sensor designed to replace CCDs
in a wide variety of applications.
ELIS-1024 near IR image sensor consists of
an array of high performance, low dark
current photo-diode pixels. The sensor
features sample and hold capability,
selectable resolution and advanced power
management. The device can operate at as
low as 2.8V making it ideal for portable
A key feature over traditional CCD
technology is that the device can be read
and reread Non-destructively, allowing the
user to maximize signal to noise and
dynamic range. The ELIS has on chip Fixed
Pattern Noise (FPN) cancellation.
Internal logic automatically reduces power
consumption when lower resolution
settings are selected. A low power standby
mode is also available to reduce system
power consumption when the imager is
not in use.
Available in a low cost LCC package as well
as a high performance dual inline ceramic
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High Performance Line-Scan Image Sensor

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