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부품번호 C6182 기능
기능 Primary Sensing SMPS Regulator
제조업체 Cambridge Semiconductor
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C6182 Datasheet
Primary Sensing SMPS Regulator for Offline Applications
Advanced primary sensing control circuitry achieves accurate voltage and
current (CV and CC) regulation without an opto-coupler
Integrated primary switch and start-up device support application designs with
very low component count
Advanced insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology provides a primary switch that is robust,
reliable and avalanche-capable
Integrated start-up switch enables very fast turn-on with no impact on no-load power
Optimised PWM/PFM with quasi-resonant switching enables efficiency standards compliance with margin
Enables fully compliant solutions for “MoU” Common External Power Supply universal USB chargers
o Switching frequency dither and edge rate control of the primary switch gate drive ease design for
low EMI and compliance to EN 301 489-34 with margin
o Inherently low ripple and low EMI enable compliance with the interoperability standard, IEC 62684
Best in class load-transient performance and no-load power less than 30 mW for five-star chargers
Full featured protection includes
o Single fault and over-temperature
o Output over-voltage and short-circuit
o Input under-voltage
Convenient surface mount SOP-8 package for small size and low cost manufacture
Universal input chargers for mobile phones, including “universal” USB and all major OEM specifications
Universal standby and auxiliary power supplies up to 3.5 W.
Figure 1: Typical Application Circuit
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C6182 Datasheet
Primary Sensing SMPS Regulator for Offline Applications
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by results from testing of pre-production and production units.
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Primary Sensing SMPS Regulator

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