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MT7601 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Maximizing IC Performance
Linear Constant - Current LED Driver
MT7601 is a linear constant - current LED driver,
used in non-isolated 110VAC / 220VAC directly
drive of LED lighting.
The MT7601 integrates 500V power MOSFET.
No electrolytic capacitor, Inductor and
transformer are needed. Low BOM cost is
achieved. The whole driver system can be
integrated into the LED lighting module. As an
integrated Lighting Engine, it can be driven by
AC line directly.
The LED string current can be flexibly set by
external sense resistor, range from 10mA ~
60mA. More than one MT7601 can be used in
parallel to support even larger LED current.
Linear constant - current LED driver
High precision constant current output.
Build in 500V power MOSFET
Less peripheral components
Directly integrated into LED lighting Engine
Support TRIAC dimming
Support line voltage compensation
Over temperature protection
Available in SOP8 package
LED fluorescent light, panel light
LED bulb light, decorative light
Other compact LED Lighting Product
Typical Application Circuit
MT7601 Rev. 1.30
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MT7601 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
Maximizing IC Performance
Linear Constant - Current LED Driver
MT7601 is a linear constant - current LED driver,
integrated with 500V power MOSFET. Accurate
LED output current is achieved with minimized
external components.
Start Up
During start-up, VCC is charged through a
start-up resistor. As VCC reaches 9V, the control
logic starts to work. As VCC continue increases,
the chip will clamp VCC at 15V, as shown in
MT7601 shuts down as VCC falls below 7V.
to choose about 260V high-voltage LED string in
220VAC applications. It can be adjusted
according to actual application.
Fig.2 LED conduction procedure
Fig.1 Start up sequence
Output Current and Voltage
It’s important to determine the LED voltage and
current when uses MT7601. As MT7601 is a
linear buck LED driver IC, the peak value of the
rectified input voltage must be greater than
output LED voltage.
Refer to Fig.2, MT7601 automatically turns on
the LED string following the input sine wave.
When the input voltage rises and reaches the
LED conducting voltage VLED, LED string turns
on. Since then, the input voltage continues rising,
the LED string voltage keeps stable, the internal
MOSFET bears the superfluous voltage drop. If
the input voltage drops, the procedure is
reversed. So if the LED voltage is too high, the
turn on time for LED string is short. If the LED
voltage is too low, the system efficiency will be
reduced. Recommend to choose about 120V
high-voltage LED string in 110VAC applications,
Sense Resistor Settings
Output current be set by the sense resistor Rcs.
MT7601 generates a control signal by comparing
the sense resistor Rcs voltage and internal
reference voltage VREF (500mV), LED constant
current output is achieved.
Peak current of LED light string:
Fig.2 shows, MT7601 actually controls the peak
current during the LED turn on period.
There are two cases in real application:
1There is no large electrolytic capacitor behind
the rectifier bridge, as shown in Fig.2. At the
valley, the input voltage is lower than LED
conduction voltage, output current is zero.
When the input voltage is higher than the
LED string voltage, output current is IPEAK. So,
the LED string current is discontinuous.
Finally, the ILED is LED string average
Where D is the LED string turn-on ratio. In
general, D 0.5, so ILED 0.5IPEAK .
MT7601 Rev. 1.30
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MT7601 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Maximizing IC Performance
Linear Constant - Current LED Driver
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MT7601 Rev. 1.30
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