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부품번호 BLJ-ME007Y
기능 Ultrasonic Sensor Module
제조업체 ETC
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BLJ-ME007Y 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
BLJ-ME007Y Ultrasonic Sensor Module
Technical Specification
1Product synopsis
BLJ-ME007Y ultrasonic sensor is non-contact
distance measurement module, which
is also compatible with electronic brick.
It’s designed for easy modular project
usage with industrial performance.
2Product principle
Ultrasonic ranging module BLJ-ME007Y provides 30cm - 300cm non-contact measurement function, the
ranging accuracy can reach to 3mm. The modules includes ultrasonic transmitters, receiver and control
circuit. The basic principle of work:
Using IO trigger for at least 10us high level signal,
The Module automatically sends eight 40 kHz and detect whether there is a pulse signal back.
IF the signal back, through high level , time of high output IO duration is the time from sending
ultrasonic to returning. Test distance = (high level time×velocity of sound (340M/S) /2
Detecting range: 30cm-300cm
Best in 30 degree angle
Electronic brick compatible interface
5VDC power supply
Breadboard friendly
Dual transducer
Arduino library ready
Supply voltage
Global Current Consumption
Ultrasonic Frequency
Maximal Range
Minimal Range
Trigger Pulse W idth
Outline Dimension
15 mA
40k Hz
300 cm
30 cm
1 cm
10 μs
40x27x23 mm
Practical test of performance,
Best in 30 degree angle

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Ultrasonic Sensor Module

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