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부품번호 UM1002
기능 Dual Channel ESD Protection Device
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UM1002 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Dual Channel ESD Protection Device
UM1002 SOT23-6
General Description
The UM1002 is a low pass filter array with integrated TVS diodes for ESD protection. It is designed
to provide bidirectional filtering of EMI/ RFI signals and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection in
portable electronic equipment. This state-of-the art device utilizes solid-state silicon-avalanche
technology for superior clamping performance and DC electrical characteristics. They have been
optimized for use on a USB port in cellular phone and other portable electronics.
The UM1002 effectively replaces 10 discrete components in a small SOT23-6 package to provide
ESD protection and EMI filtering. This small package will protect and filter up to two lines. This
small outline makes the device especially well suited for portable applications.
The TVS diodes are bi-directional for supporting bipolar signals without distortion. The TVS diodes
provide effective suppression of ESD voltages in excess of 15kV (air discharge) and 8kV (contact
discharge) per IEC61000-4-2, level 4.The device has very low insertion loss in the pass band (to
approximately 10MHz) and high attenuation at frequencies ranging from 800MHz to 3GHz. Each line
features two stages of TVS diode protection. They feature large cross-sectional area junctions for
conducting high transient currents. They offer desirable characteristics for board level protection
including fast response time, low operating and clamping voltage, and no device degradation.
Web-pads & Handhelds
Portable Instrumentation
Industrial Interface
Transient protection for data lines to
IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) ± 15 kV (air), ± 8 kV (contact)
Bidirectional EMI/RFI filter with integrated ESD protection
Protects two I/O lines
Working voltage: 5 V
Low leakage current
Low operating and clamping voltages
Solid-state silicon-avalanche technology
Pin Configurations
Top View
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Applications Information
Device Connection for Protection of Quad Data Lines
The UM1002 provides EMI filtering and ESD protection in a small SOT23-6 package for dual line
data port applications. The layout of the device is designed such that the data lines can be routed
through the device. The first line pair enters at pin 1 and exits at pin 6. The second line pair enters at
pin 3 and exits at pin 4. The device is symmetrical so the above connections may be reversed.
Circuit Board Layout Recommendations for Suppression of ESD
Good circuit board layout is critical for the suppression of ESD induced transients. The following
guidelines are recommended:
Place the TVS near the input terminals or connectors to restrict transient coupling.
Minimize the path length between the TVS and the protected line.
Minimize all conductive loops including power and ground loops.
The ESD transient return path to ground should be kept as short as possible.
Never run critical signals near board edges.
Use ground planes whenever possible.
Layout Example
Pin Identification
1 Line 1 In (From Speaker)
6 Line 1 Out (To Audio Circuit)
3 Line 2 In (From Speaker)
4 Line 2 Out (To Audio Circuit)
2, 5 Ground
Pin Identification
6 Line 1 In (From Speaker)
1 Line 1 Out (To Audio Circuit)
4 Line 2 In (From Speaker)
3 Line 2 Out (To Audio Circuit)
2, 5 Ground
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