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기능 AC/DC Controller IC
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BD555BKFV 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
BD555BKFV AC/DC Controller IC
for mains dimmable LED lighting
General Description
The BD555BKFV controller AC/DC controller IC can be
used in a wide range of dimmable LED lighting driver
applications. The main target application is dimmable
retro-fit LED lighting, replacing existing incandescent
light bulbs, halogen spot lights, CFL tubes etc.
Fixed frequency DC/DC controller (selectable)
Peak current or average current control (PCC/ACC)
Dynamic Load Current Controller (DLCC)
Logarithmic compensation of detected dimming level
Dimmer detector function
Anti-flash function when dimmer is OFF
PWM and analog dimming control supported
Over Current Protection (OCP)
Thermal Shutdown protection (TSD)
Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO)
Key Specifications
Input voltage range........................................16~39V
Regulated supply voltage.................................11.5V
Fixed DC/DC operating frequency.........40~400kHz
Detectable phase-cut range........................45°~135°
Typical current consumption.............................1mA
Under Voltage Lock Out detection.....................9.0V
Operating temperature range.................-40~+110°C
W(Typ.) x D(Typ.) x H(Max.)
5.00mm x 6.40mm x 1.15mm
Retro-fit dimmable LED lighting (E27, E14, GU10, T8
etc.). Wide range of TRIAC and transistor dimmers
supported by DLCC function.
Custom LED lighting with PWM or voltage controlled
Typical Application Circuits
Figure 1. Typical application circuit for non-isolated dimmable buck topology
Product structureSilicon monolithic integrated circuit
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This product is not designed protection against radioactive rays
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BD555BKFV pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
LED peak current control (PCC) mode: Alternatively, in PCC mode (VFB <1.5V), the duty-cycle of the SW signal is determined
by the ‘peak current’ through resistor R10. The ISNS terminal senses the voltage across resistor R10. When this voltage
reaches the reference voltage, the SW signal will be pulled low. During startup and in ACC mode, this function is used as ‘Over
Current Protection’ to limit the current through inductor L1. In both ACC and PCC mode, the REF voltage will be adjusted to the
detected phase-cut in case a dimmer is connected.
Phase-cut detection: via resistive divider R4/R5 at the DET terminal, the rising and falling edge of the phase-cut are detected,
generating an internal PWM signal. Via an internal resistor and external capacitor C1, this PWM signal is averaged into a
dimming reference voltage at the DIM terminal. An internal conversion function creates a logarithmically corrected voltage at the
REF terminal. This allows achieving a ‘natural’ LED light intensity curve as perceived by the human eye, when turning the
dimmer knob.
Dimmer stability: based on the phase-cut detection at the DET terminal, the DLCC dynamically adjusts the total load current
for stable operation of ‘leading edge’ TRIAC dimmers. For ‘trailing edge’ dimmers, the DLCC load current pulls down the dimmer
output voltage, in order to detect the falling edge. In case the VHV current exceeds the minimum load current requirement, the
DLCC load current can disabled completely. This allows to achieve high efficiency without dimmers.
Dimmer detector: when a dimmer is not present, the DLCC will be switched OFF.
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BD555BKFV 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Application Examples
The BD555BKFV is typically used as a controller IC in retro-fit dimmable LED lighting systems. The external component
selection is fully dependent on the type of LED driver. For more information about this, please refer to the BD555BKFV
application note. The example circuit below shows a dimmable non-isolated buck converter. A non-isolated topology is suitable
for relatively low LED power (e.g. VLED=100V and ILED=40mA) applications in which the LED heatsink is electrically isolated by a
non-conductive LED lamp casing.
Figure 5. Final application circuit for non-isolated dimmable ACC LED driver
Notes of Board Layout
There are a few considerations for designing a small-sized PCB that fits inside a LED lamp casing. Special attention needs to be
given to component placement for optimal grounding and minimum distances of high-voltage wiring.
1) OCP sense resistor ROCP and snubber resistor Rs need to be connected as close as possible to the minus terminal of
the VHV buffer capacitor.
2) The drain terminal of switching NMOS MN2 should be close to the inductor L1p and fly-back diode D4.
3) The GND and PGND terminals need to be connected directly on the PCB.
4) For mains-isolated designs (not described in this document), the isolated PCB terminals need to be separated from the
'hot' side electronics.
Selection of Components Externally Connected
Please refer to the BD555BKFV application note for more information about selecting the external components.
Notes of Pin Connections
a. Never connect FB pin to GND. It is suggested that pull down the FB pin to GND with a resistance over 10kΩ,
while you want to use the PCC mode.
b. In case of a dimmable LED driver application, please use a diode with a forward bias from ISYS pin to GND
for protecting the ISYS pin when you want to sense the GND current. For a more stable operation, please add
a capacitance over 1uF between ISYS pin and GND.
c. Never connect capacitive loads to REF pin and OSC pin. Please connect resistive loads to these two pins.
d. Always make the GND pin connecting with the PGND pin on the PCB. Especially, notice that please keep the
GND pin away from the noise. And never apply a minus voltage to all pins except the ISYS pin.
e. Never apply voltage to IC pins while the SUP pin is not applied with a voltage.
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