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부품번호 AR7643
기능 12-bit Touch Panel Controller IC
제조업체 HiMARK
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AR7643 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
The wireless communication solution provider
12-bit Touch Panel Controller IC
whit Temperature Sensor
Pin compatible to AR7643
Serial interface
4-wire touch screen interface
Embedded touch panel drivers
Internal 2.5 V reference
Direct battery measurement ( 0 V to 6 V)
Touch-pressure measurement
One auxiliary analog input
On-chip temperature sensor
2.2 V to 5.5 V supply voltage
12-bit analog to digital converter
Programmable 8 or 12 bit resolution
Up to 125 KHz conversion rate
Full power down control
SSOP-16 package
Ć Touch screen monitors
Ć Point-of-sales terminals
Ć Pagers
Ć High speed data acquisition
Ć Portable instruments
Ć Low power instruments
The AR7646 Touch Screen Controller IC is an advanced version of the
AR7643. The AR7646 is a 12-bit SAR analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with
SPI serial interface and low on-resistance drivers for 4-wire resistive touch
The AR7646 is a highly integrated controller for portable applications which
use 4-wire resistive touch panels such as PDAs, portable instruments, cellular
phones, etc. The AR7646 contains all the analog and digital circuitry
necessary to complete a pen request. The AR7646 features temperature,
battery monitor and touch-pressure measurements and also provides an
internal 2.5 V reference that may be turned ON or OFF independently of the
The AR7646 consumes only 405 mW (internal reference OFF) at a 125 KHz
sample rate and a 2.7 V supply and consumes power less than 2.7 mW in
shutdown mode. The AR7646 is guaranteed down to 2.2 V supply. The
AR7646 is provided in a very small 16-lead SSOP package and is guaranteed
over the temperature range from 40 to +85°C.

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12-bit Touch Panel Controller IC



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