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부품번호 R5F51303AGFN
기능 32-bit RX MCUs
제조업체 Renesas
로고 ( 디자인 ) Renesas 로고 

( 핀배열 )

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R5F51303AGFN pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
RX130 Group
1. Overview
Table 1.1
Outline of Specifications (3/3)
Serial peripheral interface
12-bit A/D converter (S12ADE)
Temperature sensor (TEMPSA)
D/A converter (DA)
CRC calculator (CRC)
Comparator B (CMPBa)
Capacitive touch sensing unit (CTSUa)
Data operation circuit (DOC)
Unique ID
Power supply voltages/Operating frequencies
Supply current
Operating temperature range
On-chip debugging system
1 channel
Transfer facility
Using the MOSI (master out, slave in), MISO (master in, slave out), SSL (slave select), and RSPCK
(RSPI clock) signals enables serial transfer through SPI operation (four lines) or
clock-synchronous operation (three lines)
Capable of handling serial transfer as a master or slave
Data formats
Choice of LSB-first or MSB-first transfer
The number of bits in each transfer can be changed to 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 24, or
32 bits.
128-bit buffers for transmission and reception
Up to four frames can be transmitted or received in a single transfer operation (with each frame
having up to 32 bits)
Double buffers for both transmission and reception
12 bits (17 channels × 1 unit)
12-bit resolution
Minimum conversion time: 1.4 µs per channel when the ADCLK is operating at 32 MHz
Operating modes
Scan mode (single scan mode, continuous scan mode, and group scan mode)
Group A priority control (only for group scan mode)
Sampling variable
Sampling time can be set up for each channel.
Self-diagnostic function
Double trigger mode (A/D conversion data duplicated)
Detection of analog input disconnection
Conversion results compare features
A/D conversion start conditions
A software trigger, a trigger from a timer (MTU), an external trigger signal, or ELC
Event linking by the ELC
1 channel
The voltage output from the temperature sensor is converted into a digital value by the 12-bit A/D
2 channels
8-bit resolution
Output voltage: 0V to AVCC0
CRC code generation for arbitrary amounts of data in 8-bit units
Select any of three generating polynomials:
X8 + X2 + X + 1, X16 + X15 + X2 + 1, or X16 + X12 + X5 + 1
Generation of CRC codes for use with LSB-first or MSB-first communications is selectable.
2 channels
Function to compare the reference voltage and the analog input voltage
Window comparator operation or standard comparator operation is selectable
Detection pin: 36 channels
Comparison, addition, and subtraction of 16-bit data
32-byte ID code for the MCU
VCC = 1.8 to 2.4 V: 8 MHz, VCC = 2.4 to 2.7 V: 16 MHz, VCC = 2.7 to 5.5 V: 32 MHz
D version: 40 to +85°C, G version: 40 to +105°C
80-pin LFQFP (PLQP0080KB-B) 12 × 12 mm, 0.5 mm pitch
64-pin LFQFP (PLQP0064KB-C) 10 × 10 mm, 0.5 mm pitch
64-pin LQFP (PLQP0064GA-A) 14 × 14 mm, 0.8 mm pitch
48-pin LFQFP (PLQP0048KB-B) 7 × 7 mm, 0.5 mm pitch
48-pin HWQFN (PWQN0048KB-A) 7 × 7 mm, 0.5 mm pitch
E1 emulator (FINE interface)
R01DS0273EJ0100 Rev.1.00
Oct 30, 2015
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R5F51303AGFN 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
RX130 Group
1. Overview
R5 F 5 1 3 0 5 A D F M
Package type, number of pins, and pin pitch
FN: LFQFP/80/0.50
FM: LFQFP/64/0.50
FK: LQFP/64/0.80
FL: LFQFP/48/0.50
NE: HWQFN/48/0.50
D: Operating ambient temperature (–40°C to +85°C)
G: Operating ambient temperature (–40°C to +105°C)
ROM, RAM, and E2 DataFlash capacity
5: 128 Kbytes/16 Kbytes/8 Kbytes
3: 64 Kbytes/10 Kbytes/8 Kbytes
Group name
30: RX130 Group
Series name
RX100 Series
Type of memory
F: Flash memory version
Renesas MCU
Renesas semiconductor product
Figure 1.1
How to Read the Product Part Number
R01DS0273EJ0100 Rev.1.00
Oct 30, 2015
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일반 IC 문의 : 샘플 및 소량 구매

전력 반도체 판매 ( IGBT, TR 모듈, SCR, 다이오드 모듈 ) : 010-3582-2743

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부품번호상세설명 및 기능제조사

The functions of this components is a 32-bit RX MCUs.


The functions of this components is a 32-bit RX MCUs.


The functions of this components is a 32-bit RX MCUs.


The functions of this components is a 32-bit RX MCUs.


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부품번호상세설명 및 기능제조사

이 부품은 2A, 400V, P gate all diffused mold type Thyristor 입니다. The 2P4M and 2P6M are a P gate all diffused mold type Thyristor granted 2 A On-state Average Current (TC = 77°C), with rated voltages up to 600 V.


FSCQ1565RT, Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch. In general, a Quasi-Resonant Converter (QRC) shows lower EMI and higher power conversion efficiency compared to conventional hard-switched converter with a fixed switching frequency.


MOSFET의 기능은 N Channel MOS Field effect transistor입니다. This planar stripe MOSFET has better characteristics, such as fast switching time, low on resistance, low gate charge and excellent avalanche characteristics. It is mainly suitable for DC/DC Converters and switching mode power supplies.( Vdss=250V, Id=13A )


컨버터의 기능은 340KHz Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter 입니다. The FR9884 is a synchronous step-down DC/DC converter that provides wide 4.5V to 18V input voltage range and 3A continuous load current capability.

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