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부품번호 iT6601
기능 Single-Phase Full-Wave Motor Driver
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iT6601 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Single-Phase Full-Wave Motor Driver
for Silent Fan Motor
1. Description
2. Features
iT6601 is a single phase DC brushless motor driver
IC, and its rotation speed can be controlled by
PWM input signal. The output driving strength of
this IC is amplified by hall input signals, so it is
suitable for game machines and CPU coolers that
need silent drivers. When the fan is locked, the
device will enter the lockup protection mode. It
includes thermal shutdown function as well. The
supply current is less than 5 mA at normal
operation. When locked or PWM frequency < 20
Hz, iT6601 will enter power saving mode. This
feature will shutdown amplifier and FG. iT6601 is
available in UTDFN 3X3-10L package.
Single phase full wave fan driver
Silent driver
Low supply current
Low standby current at lock mode
Lock protection and auto restart
Built-in FG output
Built-in thermal protection circuit
HBM ESD above 5 KV
Power PWM
3. Applications
Motor driver for silent fan motors
4. Pin Assignments
Top View
Version 1.4

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