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2595 UDN2595A 8-CHANNEL SATURATED SINK DRIVER Developed for use with low-voltage LED and incandescent displays requiring low output saturation voltage, the UDN2595A and A2595SLW meet many interface needs, including those exceeding the capabilities of standard logic buffers. The eight non-Darlington outputs of each driver can continuously and simultaneously sink load currents of 100 mA at ambient temperatures of up to +75°C. The eight-channel driver’s active-low inputs can be driven directly from TTL, Schottky TTL, DTL, 5 to 16 V CMOS, and NMOS logic. All input connections are on one side of the package, output connections on the other, for simplifi

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2595 8-CHANNEL SATURATED SINK DRIVER 18 0.280 0.240 1 0.070 0.045 0.210 MAX 0.015 MIN 0.022 0.014 UDN2595A Dimensions in Inches (controlling dimensions) 10 0.014 0.008 0.430 MAX 0.300 BSC 0.920 0.880 0.100 BSC 9 0.005 MIN 0.150 0.115 Dwg. MA-001-18A in Dimensions in Millimeters (for reference only) 18 10 7.11 6.10 5.33 MAX 1 1.77 1.15 23.37 22.35 2.54 BSC 9 0.13 MIN 0.39 MIN 3.81 2.93 0.558 0.356 NOTES: 1. Exact body and lead configuration at vendor’s option within limits shown. 2. Lead spacing tolerance is non-cumulative. 3. Lead thickness is measured at seating plane or below. 0.355 0.204 10.92 MAX 7.62 BSC Dwg. MA-001-18A mm 115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036 Worcester, Massachusetts 01615-0036 (508) 853-5000

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A2595 datasheet
A2595 pinouts
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(A2596 / A2597) Eight-channel Saturated Sink Driver

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