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A276308A 64K X 8 OTP CMOS EPROM Document Title 64K X 8 OTP CMOS EPROM Revision History Rev. No. 0.0 0.1 1.0 History Initial issue Change Program Verify VCC to 6.25V Final spec release Issue Date March 24, 2000 March 14, 2001 December 17, 2001 Remark Preliminary (December, 2001, Version 1.0) AMIC Technology, Inc. A276308A 64K X 8 OTP CMOS EPROM Features n n n n 65,536 X 8 bit organization Programming voltage: 12.75V Access time: 55/70/90 ns (max.) Current: Operating: 30mA (max.) at 5MHz Standby: 100µA (max.) n All inputs and outputs are directly TTL-compatible n Available in 28-pin DIP and 32-PLCC packages General Description The A276308A chip i

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A276308A Functional Description Read Mode The A276308A has two control functions, both of which must be logically active in order to obtain data at the outputs. CE is the power control and should be used for device selection. OE is the output control and should be used to data to the output pins, which is independent of device selection. Assuming that addresses are stable, address access time (tAA) is equal to the delay from CE to output (tCE). Data is available at the output after a delay (tOE) from the falling edge of OE , as long as CE has been low and the addresses have been stable for at least tAA - tOE. Standby Mode The A276308A has a standby mode which reduces the active current from 30mA to 100µA. The A276308A is placed in the standby mode by applying a CMOS high signal to CE . When in the standby mode, the output are in a high impedance state, independent of the OE . Auto Identify Mode The auto identify mode allows the reading out of a binary code from a EPROM that will identify its manufacturer and type. This mode is intended for use by programming equipment for the purpose of automatically matching the device to be programmed with its corresponding programming algorithm. To activate the mode, the programming equipment must apply 12.0V ± 0.5V

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