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Intel Corporation에서 제조한 전자 부품 A28F010은 전자 산업 및 응용 분야에서
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A28F010의 기능 및 특징 중 하나는 "1024K (128K x 8) CMOS FLASH MEMORY" 입니다.

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A28F010 기능
1024K (128K x 8) CMOS FLASH MEMORY
Intel Corporation
Intel Corporation 로고 

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A28F010 1024K (128K x 8) CMOS FLASH MEMORY (Automotive) Y Automotive Temperature Range b 40 C to a 125 C Flash Memory Electrical Chip-Erase 1 Second Typical Chip-Erase Quick-Pulse Programming Algorithm 10 ms Typical Byte-Program 2 Second Chip-Program 1 000 Erase Program Cycles Minimum over Automotive Temperature Range 12 0V g 5% VPP High-Performance Read 120 ns Maximum Access Time CMOS Low Power Consumption 30 mA Maximum Active Current 300 mA Maximum Standby Current Y Y Integrated Program Erase Stop Timer Command Register Architecture for Microprocessor Microcontroller Compatible Write Interface Noise Immunity Features g 10% VCC Tolerance Maximum La

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A28F010 APPLICATIONS The 28F010 flash-memory adds electrical chip-era- sure and reprogrammability to EPROM non-volatility and ease of use The 28F010 is ideal for storing code or data-tables in applications where periodic updates are required The 28F010 also serves as a dense nonvolatile data acquisition and storage me- dium The need for code updates pervades all phases of a system’s life from prototyping to system manufac- ture to after-sale service In the factory during proto- typing revisions to control code necessitate ultravio- let erasure and reprogramming of EPROM-based prototype codes The 28F010 replaces the 15- to 20-minute ultraviolet erasure with one-second elec- trical erasure Electrical chip-erasure and repro- gramming occur in the same workstation or PROM- programmer socket Diagnostics performed at subassembly or final as- sembly stages often require the socketing of EPROMs Socketed test codes are ultimately re- placed with EPROMs containing the final program With electrical chip-erasure and reprogramming the 28F010 is soldered to the circuit board Test codes are programmed into the 28F010 as it resides on the circuit board Ultimately the final code can be down- loaded to the device The 28F010’s in-circuit altera- bility eliminates unnecessary handling and less-reli- able socketed connections while adding greater test flexibility Material and labor costs associated with code changes increase at higher levels of system integra- tion the most costly being code updates after sale Code ‘‘bugs’’ or the desire to augment system func- tionality

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A28F010 datasheet
A28F010 pinouts
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1024K (128K x 8) CMOS FLASH MEMORY

Intel Corporation
Intel Corporation

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