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3134 BIPOLAR HALL-EFFECT SWITCH FOR HIGH-TEMPERATURE OPERATION This low-hysteresis bipolar Hall-effect switch is an extremely temperature-stable and stress-resistant sensor especially suited for operation over extended temperature ranges to +150°C. Superior high-temperature performance is made possible through a novel Schmitt trigger circuit that maintains operate and release point stability by compensating for temperature changes in the Hall element. Additionally, internal compensation provides magnetic switch points that become more sensitive with temperature, hence offsetting the usual degradation of the magnetic field with temperature. Its low hy

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3134 LOW-HYSTERESIS BIPOLAR HALL-EFFECT SWITCH FOR HIGH-TEMP. OPERATION SENSOR LOCATIONS (±0.005" [0.13 mm] die placement) Suffix “LT” ACTIVE AREA DEPTH 0.0305" 0.775 mm NOM 0.090" 2.27 mm 0.050" 1.27 mm A APPLICATIONS INFORMATION Extensive applications information for Hall-effect sensors is available in: • Hall-Effect IC Applications Guide, Application Note 27701; • Hall-Effect Devices: Soldering, Gluing, Potting, Encapsulating, and Lead Forming, Application Note 27703.1; • Soldering of Through-Hole Hall-Sensor Dervices, Application Note 27703; and • Soldering of Surface-Mount Hall-Sensor Devices, Application Note 27703.2. All are provided in Allegro Electronic Data Book, AMS-702. or at www.allegromicro.com 12 3 Dwg. MH-008-4C Suffix “UA” ACTIVE AREA DEPTH 0.0195" 0.50 mm NOM 0.083" 2.10 mm 0.060" 1.51 mm A BRANDED SURFACE 1 2 3 OPERATION The output of these devices (pin 3) switches low when the magnetic field at the Hall sensor exceeds the operate point threshold (BOP). At this point, the output voltage is VOUT(SAT). When the magnetic field is reduced to below the release point (BRP) the device output goes high. Note especially that release can occur when the magnetic field is removed but to ensure release, a field reversal is required. The difference in the magnetic operate and release points is called the hysteresis (Bhys) of the device. This built-in hysteresis allows clean switching of the output even in the presence of external mechanical vibration and electrical noise. Powering up the device in the absence of a magnetic field (less than BOP and higher than BRP) will allow in indeterminate output state. The correct state is warranted after

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A3134 datasheet
A3134 pinouts
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