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CA3102 기능
Dual High Frequency Differential Amplifier
Intersil Corporation
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® CA3102 Data Sheet October 12, 2005 FN611.7 Dual High Frequency Differential Amplifier For Low Power Applications Up to 500MHz The CA3102 consists of two independent differential amplifiers with associated constant current transistors on a common monolithic substrate. The six transistors which comprise the amplifiers are general purpose devices which exhibit low 1/f noise and a value of fT in excess of 1GHz. These features make the CA3102 useful from DC to 500MHz. Bias and load resistors have been omitted to provide maximum application flexibility. The monolithic construction of the CA3102 provides close electrical and thermal matching of the ampli

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CA3102 Test Circuits V+ (+6V) +1V 1kΩ 1kΩ S2 S2 1kΩ M VO M S1 -1V S1 VX M I3 or I9 V- (-6V) FIGURE 1. DC CHARACTERISTICS TEST CIRCUIT FOR CA3102 +6V 1kΩ VOUT (7) 14 13 (6) 10µF (8) VIN 1 Q2 (Q6) Q1 (Q5) 4 (11) 100Ω 100Ω BIAS VOLTAGE (10) 2 Q3 (Q4) 5 3 (9) 12 500Ω -6V FIGURE 2. AGC RANGE AND VOLTAGE GAIN TEST CIRCUIT FOR CA3102 0.005µF 14(7) 1(8) Q2 (Q6) Q1 (Q5) 1/2 CA3102 5(12) SUBSTRATE Q3 (Q4) INPUT RG = 50Ω 5.6pF L1 2 (10) 3 (9) 5µF C1 100Ω 6V 2+ 4 (11) 13 (6) 2.7pF 0.001 µF 5pF C2 0.001µF L2 OUTPUT RL = 50Ω 0.001µF 2kΩ 100pF +12V 0.001µF 1kΩ 100pF MA FERRITE BEADS 5kΩ 470pF 10kΩ 13kΩ 0.001µF 100pF NOTES: 5. Numbers in parentheses refer to the other half of the CA3102. 6. L1, L2 - Approximately 1/2 Turn #18 Tinned Copper Wire, 5/8” Diameter. 7. C1, C2 - 15pF Variable Capacitors (Hammarlund, MAC-15; or Equivalent). 0.001µF FIGURE 3. 200MHz CASCODE POWER GAIN AND NOISE FIGURE TEST CIRCUIT 4

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CA3102 datasheet
CA3102 pinouts
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